SXSW ’13- Day 1

Today marks the unofficial beginning of the SXSW music madness. It was just a mere taster and sampling of the craziness that is to come. We arrived at 6:30pm in Austin, Texas after leaving San Diego at 10:15 this morning. The screaming child on the first flight notwithstanding, they were uneventful. We started the night at Burbon Girl to catch a band and after realizing they weren’t going on anytime soon, we bailed and headed to the Paste + Sennheiser Party. After a decent walk (I’ve done 11,113 steps today!), we arrived at an unassuming looking house to catch Moon Taxi and Free Energy. Both bands were high energy and fun. While I’ve never seen Moon Taxi before, I am definitely a fan of these Nashville natives!
Moon Taxi


After that awesome dance party was another dance party with Free Energy! What a way to kick off SXSW!



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