Pepper’s Ghost Countdown: 1 Week!!!

Only one week before I take off in a jet plane and fly across the country to see one of my all time favorite bands, Pepper’s Ghost, reunite for a special show at The Grape Room in Philadelphia. I’m starting to get nervous actually. I wonder what songs they will play. Will they have any new songs? Play any covers? Old stuff/new stuff? Will they play my favorites? I’m also wondering who will be there. The place is tiny…I hope we can all get in! I’m even wondering what they will wear. And this is when I know I’m over thinking things…

One week from now all these questions will be answered. I.cannot.wait.

For my final Pepper’s Ghost Countdown post, I will leave you with their music video for “4 Letter Friend”. Enjoy and I hope to see you next Saturday!

~ Kristen