I don’t really think it’s fair for me to tell you to go see a band play without giving you a little background about them if possible so here is a little bit about Metrofique…

Metrofique is a side project of the singer/bassist from Get Back Loretta (which is another fabulous band). The official blurb from their website says,

“Metrofique is the new collaboration of two of San Diego’s most creative and original songwriters, Steven Bradford and Gabe Lehner. With both songwriters heavily influenced by The Beatles, Metrofique has many Beatles-esque moments in their music, but put in the context of more modern indie rock the likes of The Shins, Coldplay, and Death Cab For Cutie. The eleven songs on the duo’s debut album, Swing For Fences, are not only sure to be on a constant loop in your head after hearing them, but they will make you feel good…really good. Metrofique offers a much needed blend of the simplicity and folkiness of the acoustic “coffee shop” sound with the production and arrangement of bands like Radiohead and The Beatles, providing a fresh yet familiar sound with mass appeal. Their debut album, Swing For Fences, is completely a DIY effort recorded by the duo at Gabe’s home studio, making Metrofique as indie as they come. And it looks like they will be here to stay.”

You can find them on Facebook or on Myspace. I also strongly suggest you buy their cd which is $5 and full length and can be found on their website or on iTunes. Get it now and go see them tonight at The Casbah. It’s $5 and it beats being home on a Monday.