Amanda’s Real Show Calendar: 6/1-6/6

Alright, as promised, here are the shows for the rest of the week. Sorry I had to dash yesterday. I decided to go out to a show instead of be a hermit. My body is not in shape for shows on a weeknight it seems but I digress…

Tuesday: Local Brews and Groove with Brena Xu @ HOB San Diego @7 p.m.
AND: The Melvins @ The Casbah (sold out. Maybe you can get lucky?) @9 p.m.

Wednesday: Stealing Love Jones @ U-31 @ 9 p.m. $5
AND: Lex Land and Barrett Johnson @ Lestats @9 p.m. $8
AND: Nothington and Spanish Gamble @ The Ruby Room @8:30 p.m.

Thursday: White Apple Tree @ The Casbah @9 p.m. $10
AND: Matt Simons @ Lestats @9 p.m.
AND: Vision of a Dying World @ Tin Can Alehouse $5
AND: Bushwalla @ The Belly Up @8:30 p.m. $13 adv/$15 day of

Friday: Dan Black @ The Casbah @9 p.m $15
AND: Republic of Letters and The Bloodflowers @ The Ruby Room @9 p.m.
AND: Fever Sleeves @ Epicentre @7 $7 adv/$10 door
AND: Misc. Ailments @ Soma @7 p.m. $8 adv

Saturday: Inspired Flight CD Release @ The Casbah @9 p.m.
AND: Snuffaluffagus Record Release @ Tin Can Alehouse $5
AND: Skyline Union, Midnight Rivals @ Soda Bar (haven’t heard their stuff but I’m curious…) @ 9 p.m. $5

Sunday: The Silent Comedy and Mumford and Sons @ The Belly Up (sold out but maybe you can get lucky)
AND: Hanna Pestle @ Lestats @9 p.m.

Keep in Mind:
June 8th- Delta Spirit @ The Belly Up
June 11th- Greg Laswell CD Release @ Anthology $16
June 19th- Carney @ The Casbah $12
June 22nd- Josh Ritter @ Belly Up
June 25th- Kate Miller-Heidke @ The Casbah $10
July 9th- Kings of Leon @ Cricket Wireless
July 18th- Jamie Cullum @ Humphreys By the Bay
July 19th- The Dead Weather @ House of Blues San Diego
August 10th- Vans Warped Tour- San Diego
September 22nd- Muse @ Viejas Arena
September 25th- The Black Keys @ Soma
See you out on the town!

Amanda’s Show Calendar 5/31-6/6

Well another week is upon us. May is pretty much gone. Where did it go? Ah well, that’s ok because there are some great things happening early this week that you should definitely check out. I don’t have time to list them all right now but I’ll leave you with what is happening tonight…
Monday: Brothers Grimm and Emily Jane White @ Soda Bar @9 p.m. $5
AND: Monarques @ Tin Can Alehouse  @9 $4
AND: Lady Dottie @ U-31 @10 p.m. $5

I will be back later tonight with a full update. Promise!


Just found out that San Diego’s own Gayle Skidmore will be playing this Thursday night at Anthology with Trevor Davis. Apparently this is his label showcase. For more infomation, go here. Tickets are only $5 which is really cheap for Anthology. Go check it out!

Also, Astra Kelly is playing this Friday at the Waterfront Bar and Grill. Free cover and the show starts at 9. Don’t miss it!


SD Show Calendar 5/17-5/23

Well well well, another week is upon us. There are a couple cool shows this week including Frightened Rabbit! They were suck in the UK during that whole volcano incident and were not able to come to Coachella. Anyways, on to the shows for this week. It seems like Thursday and Saturday this week are “the night” to go to a show. Times like these I wish there were more of me…

Monday: Lady Dottie and the Diamonds @ U31 $3 @10 p.m.

Tuesday: Horse Feathers @ The Casbah $8 adv/$10 day of @9 p.m.
AND: Misc. Ailments @ The Radio Room @8 p.m.

Wednesday: Illuminauts @ The Soda Bar $3

Thursday: Lelia Broussard @ Lestats
AND: Far @ Belly Up $15 adv/$17 day of @9 p.m.
AND: Gayle Skidmore and Trevor Davis with Dr. Seahorse @ Anthology $5 @7:30 p.m.
AND: Gregory Page @ Java Joes $5 @9 p.m.
AND: Future Islands @ Tin Can Alehouse $6 @9:30 p.m.

Friday: Curtis Peoples @ Lestats
AND: Astra Kelly @ The Waterfront @9 p.m.
AND: John Meeks and the Donkeys @ The Casbah $10 @9 p.m.

Saturday: Frightened Rabbit @ The Casbah
AND: OK GO @ SD House of Blues $18.50 adv/$20 day of @1:30 p.m.
AND: Flowerthief @ Tin Can Alehouse
AND: Weatherbox @ Che Cafe

Sunday: Kaki King @ Belly Up $15 adv/$17 day of @9 p.m.
AND: Nokie Edwards @ The Casbah $15 @9 p.m.

Keep In Mind:

May 28th- The Silent Comedy, Transfer, Dirty Sweet and Apes of Wrath @ North Park Theater $16
May 29th- Get Back Loretta @ The Casbah

Footnotes and Mustaches

There are few things in life that are better than going to a show after “one-of-those-days” and feeling like the world has righted itself once more, even if it’s only for a few hours. There are plenty of bands that can provide a distraction for me but there is only a handful that can truly help me forget my troubles.

If you know me at all (or even if you don’t) you know I’m reaching the end of my college career (yay!) and there is nothing worse than the stress that tends to be exponential when the semester is nearly over (not so yay). I haven’t been around much (or really coherent) at all and wasn’t able to really get out and go to anything, until Thursday night. After a long time without any sort of fun or distraction, I got my butt down to Mustache Mayhem Part Deux to hang with my friends, The Silent Comedy. It was a fabulous event to celebrate the release of Common Faults which is their latest musical offering.

The birth of the record was at a party very similar to the one from Thursday and was in fact, the original Mustache Mayhem. It was a party to raise money for the boys to begin production on this record and it seems fitting at that the (official) release, everything close with a second Mustache Mayhem party. It was a nice bookend. I love bookends. Now, this wasn’t a show. This was a record release which also happened to be the debut of their new music video “Footnotes” which was shot and edited by Kevin and Rebecca Joelson.

Now, if you recall, I said this wasn’t a show but… I lied.

In true Silent Comedy fashion they played a few songs for the crowd in a not quite acoustic but not full band way and it was just what I needed. It was a different, unexpected surprise sound wise. Now, I’ve seen The Silent Comedy plenty of times in every fashion from acoustic to rowdy full band and this and this was a nice hybrid of the two. It was like if your two favorite foods (or desserts) got together and made babies (kind of like broccoflower but waaaaaaaaaay better). I digress.

Anyways, it was a night like that which helped me completely forget all my troubles until I realized I had to get home and get to bed. But for the time I was there, I was transported into another realm without deadlines and pressures and it was amazing.

I realize this post has been part “show” recap, part rant, part ramblings, part video post, and part mushy promotion (oh it seems like I’ve hit another ramble) but I also wanted to tell you all that these fabulous guys are playing a free show tonight at On the Rox in lovely Los Angeles. You should come out and see a proper show from these gents if you haven’t already. I also have it on good authority they will be premiering another music video, “’49” so come out. You have to RSVP to get in and can do so here. I hope to see you there! Oh, and I promise to keep my rambling to a minimum next time. Once I’m done with school (yay!) I will have my brain back in working order. Until then, it’s going to be a lot like this…



Wednesday Night!!!

If you have nothing to do on Wednesday night and none of the other shows strike your fancy, I have a show you have to know about.

We all know and love the independent San Diego scene. We also know how hard it is for a musician to even get the funds to finance a record independently these days.

Now let me tell you about Gayle Skidmore. She is an amazing local musician with some great music chops who is working at trying to finance a new record. This is why Seth Combs of Citybeat is throwing a (mostly) acoustic show this Wednesday night at U-31. This show features San Diego’s own Ryan Blue, Gabe Lehner, and Josh Damigo to name a few. For the full line up and details, check this out!

“Come out. Pay a few bucks. Have a few drinks. See a bunch of amazing musicians play some splendid songs while also supporting an equally amazing San Diego musician who is just trying to put her dreams out into the world. It’ll be fun. It’ll be intimate. But, most if all, you’ll feel good about yourself in the morning.”– Seth Combs

Do it. Simply because I can’t and want to hear all about it from someone!

Happy Monday everyone 🙂


SD Show Calendar 4/26-5/2

Hey Everyone,

I realize the SD show updates have been missing for the past two weeks and for that I offer my sincerest apologies. School has been crazy busy but at least it is starting to draw to a close. And I’m trying to make it part of my routine to update on Sundays like Kristen does. It’s my only true day off.

Anyways, below you will find the calendar for SD shows this week. As always, if you know of anything I don’t please be sure to let me know either on here, Twitter (ScarlettTrinity), or Facebook. We always love finding new music. Also, look for possible sudden show updates. It’s been known to happen 🙂

Tonight is A Scribe Amidst The Lions at The Radio Room. Go check them out!

Monday: ???

Tuesday: Black Heart Procession @ The Casbah $15
AND: Skyline Union @ The Soda Bar
AND: FM 94.9 Presents Rogue Wave @ The Belly Up $13 adv/$15 day of

Wednesday: The Antlers and Phantograms @ The Casbah $13
AND: Long Live Logos and Hotel St. George @ Soda Bar
AND: Lady Dottie and the Diamonds @ Henry’s Pub

Thursday: The Avett Brothers (from Coachella!) and Truth and Salvage Co. $28.50 adv/$30 day of
AND: Gregory Page @ Java Joe’s
AND: Transfer @ The Belly Up

Friday: Lemon Sun @ Bar Pink

Saturday: River City @ Tin Can Alehouse
AND: Hacienda @ The Casbah $12 adv/$14 day of

Sunday: The Pony’s @ The Casbah $10

Keep in mind!
May 10th- Carney and Long Live Logos @ The Casbah

May 28th-The Silent Comedy, Dirty Sweet, Transfer and Apes of Wrath @ North Park Theater