Wednesday Night!!!

If you have nothing to do on Wednesday night and none of the other shows strike your fancy, I have a show you have to know about.

We all know and love the independent San Diego scene. We also know how hard it is for a musician to even get the funds to finance a record independently these days.

Now let me tell you about Gayle Skidmore. She is an amazing local musician with some great music chops who is working at trying to finance a new record. This is why Seth Combs of Citybeat is throwing a (mostly) acoustic show this Wednesday night at U-31. This show features San Diego’s own Ryan Blue, Gabe Lehner, and Josh Damigo to name a few. For the full line up and details, check this out!

“Come out. Pay a few bucks. Have a few drinks. See a bunch of amazing musicians play some splendid songs while also supporting an equally amazing San Diego musician who is just trying to put her dreams out into the world. It’ll be fun. It’ll be intimate. But, most if all, you’ll feel good about yourself in the morning.”– Seth Combs

Do it. Simply because I can’t and want to hear all about it from someone!

Happy Monday everyone 🙂