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Hey Folks!

We were gifted with a pair of tickets to give away to the Above Seclusion show with IM5 this Sunday at Epicentre. There are a few ways to qualify; retweet us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or leave us a comment here! In case you’e unfamiliar with the band, here are all the important bits to get to know them.


Facebook: http://Facebook.com/Aboveseclusion 

Twitter: http://Twitter.com/AboveSeclusion 

Website: http://AboveSeclusion.com 


LMN Band Exam: Sam Grow

Southern Maryland native Sam Grow has been touring all over the U.S. and has stopped in San Diego to play at Lestats tomorrow! We asked this multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter a few questions about touring and his life in general. Check out the answers to our little exam below and go see him play tomorrow 9/12 at Lestats at 9pm.

LMN Band Exam Questions- Sam Grow

Multiple Choice: choose
one of the following three options. Feel free to ad lib or create your own

Form of caffeine: Coffee, tea, energy drinks –

Best place to play a random show: beach, forest, shopping mall – Shopping Mall, though we do love playing on
the beach!

Fight boredom on the road: Cards, Reading, Music, DVDs – Facebook, Instagram TwitterI live on them.

Fill in the Blank:

Favorite thing to eat when I get home:  Crabs

Favorite store:  American Eagle

Last thing I bought:  A new Chevy truck!

An interesting item you might find in Sam Grow’s tour van: Push Up Bar.  Tour Bus exercising!

Essay Questions:

If you weren’t rockin’ out as a musician, what would be your ideal
job?:  I would want to own a label so I could help out other artists.

What is the first instrument you learned how to play?:  Piano.

If you could sum up Sam Grow in five words, what would they be? Blessed, Family, Musician, Songwriter,


New Band Love: Irontom

“I think tonight I’ll be head banging in my sleep” – friend after seeing Irontom for the first time

The quote is particularly relevant as it came from someone who’s last shows with me were Joshua Radin, Rachael Yamagata, and Ryan Cabrera.  Irontom is…well, not like that.

Yes, this band is full of young promising talent. Yes, the music is fresh and exciting. Yes, there are quite a few bands that could be described as such. What sets Irontom apart is the seductive energy that comes through every rockin’ guitar lick or dramatic flick of frontman Harry Hayes’ hands. There is something about the band that can make just about anyone feel the groove and start to dance. They are that band that the more you listen to, the more you crave.

I’ve seen the band twice in the last week, so my craving is pretty extreme. Fortunately, the band is playing again next week opening for The Parlotones: Monday (May 6th) in San Diego at The Griffin and Tuesday (May 7th) at The Roxy.

If you can’t make it to Southern California, here are some other links to help you get more familiar with Irontom. Their The Loose EP can be downloaded on iTunes and the band has a new EP coming out something this month. Friend, follow, etc the band to get the details!






~ Kristen


LMN: Band on Band: The Howls on The Silent Comedy

Not loo long ago, this ‘little’ San Diego band called The Howls just sold out The Casbah for their cd release show. Also prone to selling out The Casbah is a ‘not so little anymore’ band called The Silent Comedy. On March 8th, these two amazing bands will be joining forces along with Dead Feather Moon at… The Belly Up! Get your tickets here!

We are super pumped for this show! And knowing how close all the bands are, thought it would be a fun idea to have the bands answer some questions about each other before the show gets underway. We decided to have The Howls answer some questions about The Silent Comedy. Below is their answers.

LMN: Band on Band- The Howls on The Silent Comedy

Multiple Choice:

What would be The Silent Comedy’s breakfast of choice: coffee, breakfast burrito, fruit platter, whiskey, never up early enough to eat breakfast

Ne’er up early

Which band has the nicest hair: The Silent Comedy, The Howls, Dead Feather Moon

I’m gonna have to go with us (no offense none taken). Myself excluded, our guys have their act together up top. I’m jealous of them all. Honorable mention goes to Justen of dead feather, he’s been looking real classy as of late.

Show Drink: Whiskey, PBR, Fruity Girly Drink, Aged Scotch, Water

We’re all whisky and PBR men.


Fill in the Blank:

Suppose The Silent Comedy landed in the world of The Wizard of Oz. Who would be who? (You can have multiples of the same character)





Tin Man:


Cowardly Lion:


Wicked Witch:


Glenda the Good Witch:


Wizard of Oz:




The tv show or cartoon that The Silent Comedy should make a cameo in would be?

Scooby Doo

Something we would like to steal from The Silent Comedy is:

Endless energy


Essay: (Pick 1 to answer)

What are you most looking forward to about The Silent Comedy’s set at The Belly Up?

The part where we unplug everything mid set and watch them make magic regardless.

Best prank to pull on The Silent Comedy?

See answer above


Listen to This!: When I Stop Running – TFDI

Tony Lucca, Matt Duke, and Jay Nash are three of my favorite singer-songwriters. Last year they went on a tour christened the “Totally F*ckin’ Doin’ It” (TFDI) Tour. The tour was a smashing success, spawning a 4 song TFDI EP that had the masses demanding more. This summer, the trio announced another TFDI tour coupled with the release of a full length album, When I Stop Running. I downloaded the album a couple days ago and I can’t stop listening. It’s a combination of tunes, familiar and new, all sung by some combination of voices that alone have the ability to stir the soul and together…well, can we say super group?  I’m enjoying the group takes on classics like Lucca’s “Darlin’ I” and Nash’s “Sweet Talking Liar”, but I’m even more excited about songs I hadn’t heard before like “Hurtin Kind” and the titular “When I Stop Running” as well as fun covers like a slowed down version of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” and the incredibly apropos “On the Road Again.”

If you want a description of what the trio has to offer, I’d point you to the TFDI facebook page where each of the three artists relays their take on this unique “bromance” and the upcoming tour. Here’s what Jay Nash had to say:

“It’s a simple equation, but it works incredibly well,” says Nash. “Three distinct songwriting voices and three guitars is the general blueprint, but this time around, expect surprises. Lucca gravitates toward an R&B and soul vibe, Matt Duke brings in the alternative rock, and I suppose that I am the hippie/Americana fan. Somehow it all blends together into beautiful cacophony. Last fall, I think that we found a great starting point and I cannot wait to continue on stage and in the studio. Also, Matt Duke, if you could bring an extra toothbrush along, that would be great.”

The TFDI Tour is coming through California in August. The Hotel Cafe on the 18th, Saint Rocke on the 19th, The Ventura Folk Festival on the 20th, Anthology in San Diego on the 28th. Check out the tour page for more info on cities and dates that take the trio all over the country through the fall months.

You can download When I Stop Running on Amazon where you can get “Stranger in a Strange Place” for free!

Here’s a promo for their tour last fall…


~ Kristen

Amanda’s SD Show Calendar 3/22-3/27

Well we did it. Kristen and I made it through our first SXSW ever. I’m still in recovery mode and trying to reintegrate myself into my old routine. My brain function still isn’t fully here but that’s for another post.

Instead, let’s focus on what shows we have for the week ahead of us. Let me just say, we have an amazing week of shows to keep you going post SXSW. I don’t know how I’m going to keep up…


Tuesday: Girl Talk @ Soma @7 $25
AND: Wye Oak @ Casbah @9 $10
AND: Black Whales @ Ruby Room
AND: Kevin Martin @ Eleven @9

Wednesday: The Appleseed Cast @ Casbah

Thursday: Fierce Creatures and Kevin Martin @ Ruby Room @9
AND: Toad and the Wet Sprocket @ Belly Up @8 $23 adv/$25 day of
AND: Say Hi @ Casbah @9 $10 adv/$12 day of
AND: Echo Revolution @ Eleven @9 $6

Friday: Hoots and Hellmouth and Centerlight Pop @ Soda Bar
AND: Midnight Rivals @ Whistlestop @9
AND: Pepper Rabbit and Miniature Tigers @ Casbah @9 $8 adv/$10 day of

Saturday: Endoxi with Dead Feather Moon and Stripes and Lines @ Belly Up
AND: Hyena @ Casbah @9 $8 adv/$10 day of
AND: The New Assembly @ Tin Can Alehouse @930 $5

Sunday: Sum 41 @ House of Blues SD @7 $20
AND: The Get Down Automatic and Of Sons and Ghosts @ Soda Bar @9 $5


Keep in Mind:

March 29th- Fitz and the Tantrums @ Belly Up -SOLD OUT
April 2nd- She Wants Revenge @ Belly Up
April 3rd- A Rocket to the Moon, Valencia, and Anarbor @ Soma @630 $13 adv.
April 4th- The Sounds @ Belly Up
April 8th- Rise Against w/Bad Religion @ RIMAC Arena- UCSD
April 9th- Pete Yorn @ House of Blues
April 14th- Billy Clyro @ Belly Up
April 14th- Brandon Flowers @ House of Blues SD
April 14th- Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Casbah
April 16th- Ellie Goulding and the Knocks @ Casbah
April 28th- Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Casbah
May 6th- Ghostland Observatory @ 4th & B
May 6th- Fleet Foxes @ Spreckles Theater
May 11th- Bayside and Silverstein @ Soma @6 $18
May 12th- Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Casbah
May 13th- Pinback @ Belly Up
May 16th- Black Angels @ Belly Up
June 1st- Cage the Elephant and Manchester Orchestra @ Soma @ 630 $20
June 11th- Airborne Toxic Event @ House of Blues


Amanda’s SD Show Calendar 3/7-3-13

So it’s another Monda night and I’ve just realized that I’m going to SXSW with Kristen in a week. A week! This is my first time going and I feel horribly unprepared. I just feel mildly overwhelmed but I know I’m going to have a blast!!!

In the meantime, we have tons of music to look forward to this way. I like to think of it as a nice little kickoff 🙂

Monday: Tragic Tantrum Cabaret @ Casbah @9 $10
AND: Jamuel Saxon @ Tin Can Alehouse $8

Tuesday: Everest and Red Cortez @ Casbah @9 $8

Wednesday: Centerlight Pop @ Casbah @9 $6
AND: White Apple Tree @ Soda Bar @9 $8 adv/$10 day of
AND: The Midwinters @ Ruby Room @9

Thursday: Louis XIV with Lesands and Hot Moon @ Fluxx @9 $18
AND: Fever Sleeves @ Soda Bar @9 $8
AND: New Mexico @ Tin Can Alehouse $5
AND: Little White Teeth @ Casbah @9 $8 adv/$10 day of

Friday: Jay Nash and Joey Ryan @ Anthology @930 $12
AND: Tapedeck Mountain @ Casbah @9 $12
AND: Jake Newton @ Lestats @9
AND: Unwritten Law Performance and CD listening party @ House of Blues SD @730 $17.41-$27.41

Saturday: Or The Whale @ Soda Bar @ 9 $12
AND: Josh Damigo Night @ Lestats
AND: San Diego IndieFest @ Promenade Liberty Station @1130 $25

Sunday: Wendy Bailey @ Ruby Room @9
AND: San Diego IndieFest


Keep in Mind:

March 18th- A Scribe Amidst the Lions @ Casbah
March 20th- Devo @ Belly Up
March 24th- Kevin Martin and Fierce Creatures @ Ruby Room
March 29th- Fitz and the Tantrums @ Belly Up
April 3rd- A Rocket to the Moon, Valencia, and Anarbor @ Soma @630 $13 adv.
April 8th- Rise Against w/Bad Religion @ RIMAC Arena- UCSD
April 9th- Pete Yorn @ House of Blues
May 3rd- James Blunt @ Humphreys
May 6th- Chris Cornell @ Humphreys
May 6th- Fleet Foxes @ Spreckles Theater