LMN: Band on Band: The Howls on The Silent Comedy

Not loo long ago, this ‘little’ San Diego band called The Howls just sold out The Casbah for their cd release show. Also prone to selling out The Casbah is a ‘not so little anymore’ band called The Silent Comedy. On March 8th, these two amazing bands will be joining forces along with Dead Feather Moon at… The Belly Up! Get your tickets here!

We are super pumped for this show! And knowing how close all the bands are, thought it would be a fun idea to have the bands answer some questions about each other before the show gets underway. We decided to have The Howls answer some questions about The Silent Comedy. Below is their answers.

LMN: Band on Band- The Howls on The Silent Comedy

Multiple Choice:

What would be The Silent Comedy’s breakfast of choice: coffee, breakfast burrito, fruit platter, whiskey, never up early enough to eat breakfast

Ne’er up early

Which band has the nicest hair: The Silent Comedy, The Howls, Dead Feather Moon

I’m gonna have to go with us (no offense none taken). Myself excluded, our guys have their act together up top. I’m jealous of them all. Honorable mention goes to Justen of dead feather, he’s been looking real classy as of late.

Show Drink: Whiskey, PBR, Fruity Girly Drink, Aged Scotch, Water

We’re all whisky and PBR men.


Fill in the Blank:

Suppose The Silent Comedy landed in the world of The Wizard of Oz. Who would be who? (You can have multiples of the same character)





Tin Man:


Cowardly Lion:


Wicked Witch:


Glenda the Good Witch:


Wizard of Oz:




The tv show or cartoon that The Silent Comedy should make a cameo in would be?

Scooby Doo

Something we would like to steal from The Silent Comedy is:

Endless energy


Essay: (Pick 1 to answer)

What are you most looking forward to about The Silent Comedy’s set at The Belly Up?

The part where we unplug everything mid set and watch them make magic regardless.

Best prank to pull on The Silent Comedy?

See answer above



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