LMN Band Exam: Sam Grow

Southern Maryland native Sam Grow has been touring all over the U.S. and has stopped in San Diego to play at Lestats tomorrow! We asked this multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter a few questions about touring and his life in general. Check out the answers to our little exam below and go see him play tomorrow 9/12 at Lestats at 9pm.

LMN Band Exam Questions- Sam Grow

Multiple Choice: choose
one of the following three options. Feel free to ad lib or create your own

Form of caffeine: Coffee, tea, energy drinks –

Best place to play a random show: beach, forest, shopping mall – Shopping Mall, though we do love playing on
the beach!

Fight boredom on the road: Cards, Reading, Music, DVDs – Facebook, Instagram TwitterI live on them.

Fill in the Blank:

Favorite thing to eat when I get home:  Crabs

Favorite store:  American Eagle

Last thing I bought:  A new Chevy truck!

An interesting item you might find in Sam Grow’s tour van: Push Up Bar.  Tour Bus exercising!

Essay Questions:

If you weren’t rockin’ out as a musician, what would be your ideal
job?:  I would want to own a label so I could help out other artists.

What is the first instrument you learned how to play?:  Piano.

If you could sum up Sam Grow in five words, what would they be? Blessed, Family, Musician, Songwriter,