Frightened Rabbit – New Music in T-1 Week

My excitement can barely be contained for the release of the new Frightened Rabbit CD, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, next Weds (March 10th). The tunes have been leaking all over the place, so really I’ve already heard it…but I still can’t wait to get that physical copy in my hand. I’m in love with what I’ve heard thus far. Their last record, The Midnight Organ Fight was stuck in my player on repeat for quite some time and is just one of those perfect records (every song is brilliant). I actually discovered them at the end of 2008 (thank you Best of Lists!), and their song, “The Modern Leper” managed to make it onto my own years’ end best of mix for ’09. Frightened Rabbit is one of those very rare bands that I actually fell in love with BEFORE I saw them play. I finally got the opportunity to see them live at The Knitting Factory this year and am now counting down the days ‘til I get to see them again (that would be at Coachella-Saturday). They are also playing The Casbah in San Diego May 22…may have to make a special trek down there to see them again. They are from across the pond (Scotland to be more precise) so these live viewing opportunities are few and far between.

If you want to hear the new record, you can go to their myspace page…also some videos!

~ Kristen