Listen to this: Downtown Harvest

Brightening my week last week was the arrival of my copy of the new Downtown Harvest CD, “Discovering Dinosaurs.” Downtown Harvest is a fantastic band from my favorite musical city, Philadelphia. My love of this band started with a performance of their song “Clockwork Tangerines” off their first album “Golden Dragon”. One thing that will always draw me in to a song is good harmonies, but who says these harmonies always have to be vocal? The harmonizing guitars at the beginning of “Clockwork Tangerines” was enough to turn my head and quicken my pulse…then I was hooked!

My faves off the new record are probably all the ones I’ve seen them perform. “Shimmy” brings back particularly good memories. If you have some time, check them out! I’ve heard rumors of a potential CA tour sometime this year…

~ Kristen

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  1. Paul · March 5, 2010

    Love Downtown Harvest! “Balboa” is my favorite track on ‘Discovering Dinosaurs,’ with Shimmy in a close second.
    Can’t wait to see them live!

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