Local Philly Band- Alright Junior

In the mood for a little Alright, Junior. I’ve been listening all day…and so should you!

This is one of my very favorite bands from Philadelphia. From the amazing timbre of Jace’s voice and Mike’s animalistic drumming to Steve’s guitar shredding and the way Greg swings his bass about as if it were a sword (or machine gun perhaps?), these guys will bring it every time. Their live, energetic sets never fail to give me exactly what I need and their songs are some of the most played in my ITunes library. My fave Alright, Junior song is probably still “Sinner of the State” off their debut CD, Eudaemonic, but I’m really loving all their new tunes from their most recent EP, Our Temporary Everything including “Never Quite the Disappearing Act.”

The boys have two local Philly shows this week: Tomorrow, Friday March 5th at The Note in West Chester (with another great band, Overlook) and Saturday March 6th they return to The Khyber…my fave venue to see them play!

Check. Them. Out!



~ Kristen