Random Musings- Venue Trends


I’ve been going to Molly Malone’s lately…quite a bit it seems. I was just there last night to see the fantastic Vienne (http://www.myspace.com/vienne ). And incidentally also discovered a compelling new band called Clockwork (http://www.myspace.com/ilikeclockwork ) that will definitely be added to my watch list. I’ll be back at MM’s next Friday for another round of Bleaker Street artists including Matthew Jordan and the amazing Paris Carney.

What’s odd is that before this slew of MM’s shows, it had been a good six months or so since I’d set foot in that bar and a good year since I’d been there on a regular basis (think: Carney residency).

But that’s how things seem to go. Before this Molly Malone’s trend, it seemed as if I was at The Viper Room all the time…although it had taken me about a year before I even entered the doors of that legendary venue.

Aside from The Hotel Cafe where I try to go about once a week, other venues seem to come and go from my life like waves…anyone else ever notice this?

~ Kristen