Coachella- Kristen’s Top 5 List


So, over the next several days, I will be sharing with you some of my “lessons learned” from this year’s Coachella. But I thought I’d first share what I’ve concluded are my top 5 Acts of the weekend and very briefly why they made the list.

  • MUTEMATH- best experience
  • Muse- best show
  • The Avett Brothers- most emotionally appealing
  • Porcupine Tree- best new find
  • Them Crooked Vultures- most jaw dropping

Honorable Mentions go to: Iglu & Hartly, Faith No More, Spoon, Steel Train, and Band of Skulls

~ Kristen

p.s. If you were there, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

pretty lights



The Avett Brothers

Porcupine Tree

Them Crooked Vultures


Sunset at Coachella