A Saturday Night On The Rox

Tim Graves (The Silent Comedy)

For those of you present for The Silent Comedy at On The Rox Saturday night, you know how amazing the evening turned out to be. For the unfortunate few who were unable to attend, you must know that I can now officially check off my life’s to do list “sing on stage with a band.”  At the time I thought, “hey, why not.” It seemed like I knew about half the people in the bar anyway. I’d forgotten the teensy fact that the event was being broadcast over the internet. 

Anyway, I absolutely love what Scheff and The Hawk are doing with The Real Sunset Strip. You can watch the events (including what went down last Saturday night) on their website.  On the Rox is certainly becoming the place to be…especially since they’ve remodeled the venue. Gone are the awkward booths and teeny tiny stage that I was never able to really see. The whole atmosphere is infinitely more comfortable and welcoming with plush couches and a larger stage area. The walls are adorned with photos from The Festival in the Desert and it was noted that the pictures of camels seemed kind of out of place, but I felt them fitting. The Festival in the Desert is an opportunity to discover amazing music in the middle of a desolate wasteland…and having to work to get to it. While On The Rox, is far from a musical wasteland in the heart of the Sunset Strip, it is still somewhat a diamond in the rough, probably not noticed or fully appreciated until visited. This is especially true if they continue to book fantastic bands like The Silent Comedy and last week’s Get Back Loretta

Next Saturday is a band called Fight From Above. I’ve never heard of them, but it will probably be a show worth going to! And if you want to go, it’s FREE. But to ensure your admittance, RSVP to the facebook event page.

What a perfect way to spend your Saturday!

~ Kristen

p.s. A couple pics from The Silent Comedy set. It must be noted that although the stage has been enlarged, it is still not quite big enough for the 6-membered band who spilled over onto the dance floor…and a dance floor it was!