Kristen’s SXSW ’10 Mix- Bonus Tracks!

               22. “Are You Fucking Kidding Me (The Facebook Song)” – Kate Miller-Heidke

I first saw Kate Miller-Heidke at The Hotel Cafe. I had no idea really what to make of this classically trained songstress who sang about how cruel she was in high school or this lovely ditty about a former lover resurfacing on facebook. Definitely unforgettable. Then I saw Kate at Coachella and cemented my love. The video below wasn’t taken by me, but it was the first time I saw this song performed live…

                   23. “Monsters, Demons, Accidents” – The Other Side of Morning

I thought my SXSW ’10 mix was complete until I saw The Other Side of Morning play a set at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica. I felt compelled to tack on another track…

And thus ends my SXSW ’10 mix. I hope you, like me, were able to discover some amazing new artists. Enjoy the music!

~ Kristen