Mumford & Sons at The BellyUp

Yet another British band stole my heart last Sunday night.  I have been casually enjoying Mumford & Sons for some time now, but seeing them live took my feelings to a completely new level and made me aware of so many things I would never have know from simply listening to their album. I had no idea, for example, that most of their songs were preformed with only a kick drum for percussion. Mr. Mumford has the ability to sing, play acoustic lead guitar, and keep the beat…that’s incredibly. Their newer material, however, seems to involve more percussion.  For several songs the entire kit was employed by either the singer or the bassist. This is another thing I would be unaware of had I not been able to see them live. Their newer material, by the way, is equally moving.

But this list of new things I learned about Mumford & Sons from seeing them live goes on. I learned that the bassist has the best facial expressions, the band can instrument swap with ease, the band members have great in between songs banter…and on a related note, like to keep their pants on while performing on stage. They are also a happy band (lots of smiling)…plus, they seem to enjoy performing while various farm animals are strewn about the stage (picture evidence to follow).

So, it was an amazing night learning more about Mumford & Sons, but let’s face it, the real reason I ventured down to Solano Beach in the first place was because of the opening band….The Silent Comedy. I actually got two doses of my fave local San Diego band over the weekend. And even with a more than slightly under the weather singer/bassist, the boys still delivered their unique brand of folk rock, blowing the roof off the joint before Mumford & Sons even had a chance.

And once again I will mention that The Silent Comedy will be venturing up to LA June 17th to perform at an event at Speakeasy. Also performing that night: Queen Caveat! Check out the event details here:

For a taste, here is Mumford & Son’s “Black White Page”:

~ Kristen

p.s. the goat on the keyboard and a few additional Mumford & Sons pics: