Watch this: the importance of the venue in the evolution of music

For me, the venue has always been a critical component of the concert experience. Below is a fascinating talk that David Byrne gave about evolution of music in the context of the venue. From grand cathedrals of Mozart and Beethoven to the perfect venue for today’s pop music: the car (!), Bryrne takes a brief romp through the history of music suggesting that the evolution of music itself has been greatly influenced by the venue in which the music can be best enjoyed.

So following the logic of this video, what do you think this says about the future of music? If more and more music is being created and produced in the home and enjoyed via internet videos, how does that change the sound of emerging indie bands? Does this explain the re-emergence of the synthesizer?  Does that thing actually sound good when played in your mother’s living room? ‘Cause, honestly, I’m not really enjoying it when pumped through the sound systems of the venues I frequent.

And what about the increasing use of technology to morph an organic sound into something more radio friendly?  Is there a point at which music created can’t be preformed live? Will the only venue be mp3s pumped through the car stereo or these large amphitheaters in which the music itself is only a portion, sometimes a small one, of the entire performance.

ahhh…sorry, these are just some of the thoughts that begin creeping into my mind when I haven’t been out to see a show in several days. Following Bryne’s theory is really just a great argument to keep doing what we music lovers do; go out and support our local clubs and musicians, see the bands we love every time they come to town, and continue to spread the word and the music no matter how it evolves. As Bryne indicates, even as the context (ie the venues) change, what is most important is that the joy is still there. As long as we are still human and in need of some joy, there will be music…so it’s all good really…

~ Kristen

p.s. if anyone is looking for a good thesis project to do, this is an amazing jumping off point. What I’d really like to hear more about  is how the “venue” of different cultures helps to shape that culture’s music. Excellent topic right? Can someone get on this…please…get back to me…