Have you seen Steel Train?

I really believe that Steel Train is one of those bands that cannot truly be appreciated until seen live. I first happened upon this band at Bonnaroo in ’08. I was blown away by their live performance and feel completely in love with the song “Kill Monsters in the Rain”.

 I had the pleasure of seeing these New Jersey rockers again this year at Coachella where they again reminded me of why they are one of my favorite festival bands. At Coachella they played a couple new tunes which finally came out last week on their newest self-titled CD. The CD, if ordered via the Steel Train website, comes with a companion album, Terrible Thrills Vol.I, which features all of the songs on their new album covered by various female artists including Tegan & Sara, Nellie McKay, and Rachael Cantu among others.

To get a taste of the Steel Train magic, check out these videos. Then come to the El Rey Tuesday night (7/6) to really see what it’s all about and fall in love with Steel Train.

An acoustic version of “Turnpike Ghost” from their new CD:

Tegan and Sara cover from Terrible Thrills Vol. I

~ Kristen