Song in My Head: “Lost and Found”

“sleeping with the television and all the lights on. One of us is leaving soon, but we’re both already gone…”

“Lost and Found” by Adrienne Pierce is on one of my very favorite soundtracks from the TV show Veronica Mars. The song randomly came up on my IPod the other day and ever since it has been making regular appearances on that soundtrack in my head that plays when all else is quite. This morning, I literally got out of bed singing it…took me a minute to figure out what I was singing, but when I did, I felt inspired to share.

Turns out Adrienne, a Vancouver native, has released a new CD this year entitled Oh Deer. The cover art alone makes me want to go out and get a copy. Which I should be able to do Monday November 22nd at Genghis Cohen where Adrienne will play at 9pm!


~ Kristen