Kristen’s ’10 Mix- Track 7 – Deas Vail

7. “Balance” – Deas Vail

I was wandering around Warped Tour Pomona, waiting for After Midnight Project’s acoustic set, when I first heard Deas Vail. Their music literally made me stop in my tracks, turn my head, and go towards their stage. I kept trying to leave the stage (I didn’t want to be late for the other set), but I couldn’t. I kept walking back. The music was so beautiful and uplifting and SO out of place at Warped Tour. As soon as I could, I found their tent, bought every single album they had (an EP and an LP) and have been listening somewhat obsessively ever since. “Balance”, off their White Lights EP,  is one of those songs that moves me every time I hear it.

 More Deas Vail:

~ Kristen

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