Dido Nominated for Academy Award!

How am I just finding this out?!? Granted the nominations for the Academy Awards were just announced yesterday, but I just can’t believe that Dido finally released new material and I didn’t know about it! I guess that is what I get from spending all my money on concerts and not having any left over to go to the movies…

To understand my astonishment with myself, you must know that Dido was my favorite artist for quite a number of years. A byproduct of my obsession with the TV show, Roswell, Dido’s first CD, No Angel, was one of my most spun CDs in high school. I listened to that CD so much that the password for my phone’s answering machine is the track numbers in order of my favorite songs from the album. Dido was also the first big “pop” concert I ever attended.

Anyway, I was thrilled to see Dido’s name on the list of Academy Award nominees. She co-wrote a song with Rollo and A.R. Rahman (previous Oscar winner for his work on Slumdog Millionaire). The song is called “If I Rise” and is featured in the movie 127 Hours.

It’s so lovely to hear Dido’s voice again! And it pairs well with A.R. Rahman. Here’s the song:

One of my fave Dido tunes (I love the bridge):