SXSW Day 0: A Story

If you don’t know anything about SXSW, you might, at first glance think that it is all about the music. But you’d be wrong. SXSW is really all about networking. You might think that someone only peripherally involved in the music industry (AKA The Scientist who moonlights as a music enthusiast) would not benefit as much from this aspect of the conference, but you’d be wrong.

Also, the idea that the bar is the best place to mix and mingle (a concept I’ve never really warmed up to) might not be entirely correct.  I feel like the van rides back and forth from the hotel to the conference center downtown might be the new “bar”. Last night’s transport back, lead us into conversation with a professional “foodie” (from the food network) and someone who works at Bryn Mawr College of all places (my alma mater). So I may not have been able to whisper the names of my favorite bands into some big executive’s ear over a couple of whiskey sours, but I know the best place to go eat in downtown Austin AND I got some top secret intel regarding my 5 year college reunion coming up in May.

Such random encounters really gets me excited about the unknown and unexpected possibilities for the rest of the week!


But back to the music, TONS to look forward to today! The Kin, The Silent Comedy, Twin Atlantic, Oh Land, AWOLNATION, The Blue Pages…all on my list for today.


AWOLNATION plays 10pm at Rusty Spurs for the AustinROX showase…


~ Kristen