Kristen’s SXSW ’11 Mix: BONUS Tracks!

Because it’s so hard to narrow it down to the number of songs that will fit on a CD, I’ve squeezed a few more tracks in my online list.


Bonus 1: “Push Me to The Floor” – The Parlotones

I know The Parlotones are far from what you might call a new band, but hey, I’d never heard of the South African rockers until this year at SXSW. They did this song acoustically for Hanson’s SXSW4Japan benefit. Then I looked up their video…hilarious! Enjoy!


Bonus 2: “George Square” – David Berkeley

I was immediately struck by the beauty of this song. I needed to add it to this list. Really looking forward to David coming to LA. I can just feel an amazing Hotel Cafe show.


Bonus 3: “New Morning” – Alpha Rev

Another song I discovered from Hanson’s SXSW4Japan event. This Texas-based band has been recognized by VH1 as an artist you oughta know and I agree. Check out their CD, New Morning and enjoy the title track song.




Now…onto Bonaroo!!


~ Kristen