New Music Tuesday 8/30/11 featuring Butch Walker, Mike Doughty, Puddle of Mudd

Butch WalkerThe Spade 

Butch Walker is back! And with the Black Widows in tow, they’ve put together a new album full of fantastic new tunes. I haven’t heard the recordings, but I saw the band play the new album live last weekend at Dangerbird Records and immediately put in my order. Butch came out rocking the banjo, but what I love most about Butch Walker (the witty lyrics and rock n roll vibe) were all over the new tunes. This is one for the collection for sure.

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Mike DoughtyYes & Also Yes 

I’ve been a huge Mike Doughty fan ever since I heard a few notes from a song off of Haughty Melodic. His songs have a way of creeping into your head and just sticking there. His new album Yes & Also Yes will definitely make it into my shopping cart today. Give it a listen!

Here’s a great interview that talks about the album

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Puddle of Mudd Re:(Disc)overed  

Puddle of Mudd is doing a CD of cover songs.  They’re doing takes of songs by the likes of The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Elton John, and Led Zeppelin. I’m interested to see if they can make these tunes them their own or if they’re just poor copies of the originals. This could be very good. This could be very bad. Regardless, I need to check it out! They are playing The Viper Room September 28th with Dead Sara. I need to be prepared!

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Enjoy the new tunes!


~ Kristen