New Band Alert: Wires in the Walls


I’m not sure how many of you have heard of the band Wires in the Walls but if you haven’t, you definitely need to look them up.

As their bio states, this LA-based quintet explores a textured space between Americana, anthemic indie rock, austere post-punk, and pop. Since the band’s formation in 2009, they have played many of LA’s top venues and toured the east and west coasts, with their well-received 2010 EP “Call Signs” receiving local and national college radio play. Wires in the Walls takes a hands-on DIY attitude to their promotion, including the screen printing of all of their own merchandise.

Wires in the Walls spent 2011 writing and recording their debut full-length album New Symmetry, which was released on October 25. New Symmetry expands on the traditional Americana trappings of their previous recordings, and is the first to feature the two newest members of Wires in the Walls. The first single from the record, The Ringer, debuted April 2011 alongside the B-side Soft Shirt.

Wires in the Walls is: Warren Sroka (vocals/guitar – NYC), Nick Tracz (bass/vocals – upstate NY), Bryan King (drums/horns – Virginia), Dave Irelan (guitar/vocals – Oregon), & Dave Sicher (everything – Illinois).

I should also add that LMN is presenting their show THIS SUNDAY ( Nov. 20th) at Lot 1 with Holy Rolling Empire and Sunken Ships. Be sure to get out there and check them out. Oh, and you can come say hi to us too!

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