Kristen’s ’11 Mix – Track 11 – Parade of Lights

11. “Other Voices” – Parade of Lights

One of the most traumatic experiences I had this year was the loss of my car for two weeks….bussing back and forth to campus wasn’t the worst experience, but not having a car seriously hindered my evening activities. The worst was the night my friends, Vegas-based Parade of Lights, were playing at The Viper Room and my hope for a ride fell through. Fortunately I have some awesome people in my life who understand what it means to miss one of your favorite bands. I don’t recall when I’ve ever been quite so grateful to be at a show. I may have hugged everyone a bit too hard that night…I was just so happy to be there. Anytime Parade of Lights plays in the LA area, I am there. They are one of my favorite bands to dance to.

~ Kristen