Kristen’s ’11 Mix – Track 14 – Plan B

14. “Stay Too Long” – Plan B


There is so much I love about Plan B’s album The Defamation of Strickland Banks. It’s one of those albums that should be listened to in its entirety from front to back. That’s the best way to get the complete story of a man who is wrongfully incarcerated. Plan B is UK born Ben Drew who uses not just his vocal abilities, but his skills as an artist and director to make Strickland Banks come to life in a series of songs and music videos. Known more for his rapping, I love how this album showcases his soulful singing voice. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the shows Plan B did in LA this year. But I keep coming back to this CD, and I think “Stay Too Long” does a great job showcasing the range on the album, so here it is!

~ Kristen