Kristen’s ’11 Mix – Track 15 – Semi Precious Weapons

15. “Semi Precious Weapons” – Semi Precious Weapons


In 2011, Semi Precious Weapons moved to LA. Their weekly Empire parties at On the Rox were a huge part of my year. Every Wednesday night for months, I stayed up late to get molested by burlesque girls, party with fashionistas and rockstars, and rock out with friends as we were treated to debuts of songs potentially on the next Semi Precious Weapons album. I wish the album had come out this year so I could share with you some of their amazing new tunes, but we will have to settle for a classic SPW song that rings particularly true to me. These rockers may epitomize dirty glam, but they are also really nice guys. I started running into them at their shows, out on The Strip, at Duke’s, etc. and they are now part of my family here in LA.

a few pictures from Empire parties:


~ Kristen