Amanda’s Top Ten Musical Experiences (The Finale!)

It’s long overdue but at last I’m bringing this thing to a close. Without further ado, my top 2.


2. The Silent Comedy/Saint Motel/Tranfer

I realize this is like cheating by having 3 bands listed without a discernable event that brings the three together. Well, the fact of the matter is, The Silent Comedy is at the center of this love triangle and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t include the others. This past summer The Silent Comedy embarked on their Summer Sweat Tour with Saint Motel which had numerous highlights from a show at the Casbah to playing LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) which culminated in a residency at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas. Vegas with the boys was a highlight for me because it was like a mini sin filled vacation surrounded by (almost) everyone you know and love. It was lovely. On the flip side, Transfer and The Silent Comedy are like two peas who have outgrown their pod. I first knew of Transfer because of The Silent Comedy and I know people who are vice versa. Transfer and The Silent Comedy have put on some epic shows this year but perhaps the mist epic of all was New Years Eve at the Lafayette Hotel here in San Diego. It was almost like Vegas but had way more bands and more friendly faces. It was definitely the best New Years Eve experience I’ve ever had! As a side note, I’ve had some wonderful video experiences with The Silent Comedy this year from shooting video of them to being in a video with them. Many cherished memories.


1. William Beckett

I’m not really sure to begin my story of my love for William Beckett. It’s a love I’m not entirely proud of, mostly because his fans are either teenagers/early twenty somethings or those crazy moms that like bands who go to rock shows and embarrass their kids. Nevertheless, my love for this particular artist came from a random chance discovery of his (now broken up) band The Academy Is… I’m not sure if it was a music or the lyrics that caught me first but the thing I have loved and always admired about William was his writing. I was hoping to go see The Academy Is… a few times on their tour this year when news broke that they had parted ways. I was devastated. My first band love had broken up and though I had been to many of their shows, I felt I could have done more. After all, Kristen and I galavanted around the east coast last year to see them, surely there was more I could have done. But then, magic happened. William announced he was coming to LA to open for the sold out Dear Jack benefit on 11/11/11. I immediately got on Craigslist and found a ticket. What a magical show it was! Between Mr. Beckett playing acoustic (which I had never seen) he played rare TAI songs, covers, and even a few of his new solo tunes. I was in heaven! What made the night even better was getting my favorite lyrics from The Phrase that Pays written down by his hand on a piece of paper. My life was complete!! Only, not quite. William announced he was playing a holiday show in Chicago and I knew I couldn’t miss it. I flew out to Chicago and was there for 3 days and 2 nights to catch this acoustic holiday show which featured, Jennifer Hall, Bonaventure, Into It. Over It., and William Beckett. It was a wonderful adventure where I got to meet other fans, chat with William about a mutual love for Nashville, and just enjoy life. It was whimsical and it’s why he is my number 1 for 2011.