Valentine’s Day Playlist: The Cycles of Love : Sexy Times!

She’s driven you crazy with all the teasing and flirting and you’re ready to burst both literally and figuratively.  So seal the deal! Put some groovy tunes on to seduce the hell out of her!  As the Silver Jews once said, “How Can I Love You, If You Won’t Lie Down?”
Sexy Times
Local Music –  Love Me, Chase Me – Carney

Not only is Reeve Carney’s voice sexy (singer for Carney) but this video is sexy too. With a title like Love Me, Chase Me the only image I can’t help but conjure up is the beginning of sexy times where the boy chases the girl (or vice versa depending on how you like to roll) and he catches her at which point they fall into the leaves and begin making out.

Top 40 – Kiss – Prince

Prince is the King of sexy. He could seduce the pants off pretty much any girl and the song “Kiss” works alright with me.  If you can sing as high as Prince, then you deserve whatever tail you can rustle up, but leave the sexy times to that purple high heel wearing, tiny little man that is Prince. (Sorry About the Glee Video, Prince Doesn’t Authorize His Music On Youtube)

Alternative Radio – Closer – Nine Inch Nails

So the first song that came into my head for the sexy category was “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails.  I mean the song says, “I want to fuck you like an animal”, NIN isn’t pulling any punches.   I forewarn you that the video is equally raunchy and disgusting.

Soundtrack – Need You Tonight – INXS

I don’t know anything sexier than a song about needing someone tonight. As in right now. I remember this playing in the background of Coyote Ugly when Violet is trying to sell off Kevin to the highest bidder to make the money she owed Lil. Nothng says sexy like ‘I’m selling you off to pay for my debt.’

Misc – You Shook Me All Night Long – ACDC

A classic ACDC riff and a classic line about thighs, no wonder strippers like it.  So strut in, strip off your jean cut offs and let them know you mean business.


Now that business is all done, are those stars in your eyes or is it Puppy Love?