Valentine’s Day Playlist: The Cycles of Love- Feeling Frisky

Alright, we’re now done feeling sorry for ourselves and feel like it’s time to stick our toes back in the dating/romance pool. The problem is, well, we just don’t feel up for it. You’re girlfriends (or boyfriends) have been trying to get you out and on the prowl, right? I know, it’s annoying. Maybe we feel sexy (or maybe not), but the main goal of the night is to have fun and use the powers of seduction on helpless pawns for an ego boost. No worries. We got you covered (and we don’t judge either)!

Feeling Frisky
Local Music: So So Fresh – Nico Vega

The one thing I can say about Nico Vega (other than the fact that they are amazing) is they know how to get into the core of your being and make you feel it. If you want some extra sass in your step, might I suggest this song?

Top 40: Does Your Mother Know – ABBA

ABBA were the biggest pop stars of the 70’s. I mean they had white satin jump suits and Swedish accents, what’s not to love? This song is kind of a rarity with the boys taking the lead on vocals.  The obvious reference to young girls is kind of risqué, but ultra frisky.

Alternative Radio: No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand

Girls, Girls, Girls…they are such teases. They make us crazy, shaking their asses and fluttering their eyelashes! Franz Ferdinand is pissed about this, stop messing with their heads, because no you girls never know how you make a boy feel…

Soundtrack: Sugar Daddy – Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig, our hero, wait heroine, writes a song about her American Soldier Sugar Daddy who brought her, or at this time him, Gummi Bears the first time they met.  Hansel became Hedwig to be this sugar daddy’s lady and we can only imagine what kind of flirting got him, no her, across the Berlin Wall.

Misc: Drive Me Insane- Billy Boy On Poison

I first heard this lovely little ditty as part of a promo for my favorite TV show Castle. This song was used to vocalize the um…. tension between the two leads (and it did the job quite well). As the song suggests, the poor guy gets driven insane by the minx we don’t know. It’s enough to make any woman want to be her.

Need some more sexyness? Don’t worry, it’s up next.