Valentine’s Day Playlist- The Cycles of Love: Loneliness

I honor of the upcoming holiday I have tried to boycott and have never seemed to enjoy, I thought it fitting to create a playlist for Valentines Day. There is a catch however. In true Amanda style, I’ve decided to arrange the playlist according to the cycles of love that every person experiences and will be realeasing a new one up to V-Day. On top of that, is a song for each category of listener; local music, top 40, alternative radio, soundtrack, and miscellaneous. I’m throughly happy to be doing this V-Day playlist with newbie LMN author Marissa Mortati. If it wasn’t for her help and contributions, this list would not be possible.

Now, if you’re anything like me (which you probably aren’t) or any other human, the cycle of love tends to start with loneliness. If we are never alone we can never truly appreciate the love we will have in our life. But with loneliness comes the bitter taste of self-loathing, depression, and an all around not feeling good about one’s self. Bummer dude. Hopefully these songs will help you to feel not alone in your loneliness! Cheers mate.


Woe Is Me

Local Music: Boston- Augustana 

It’s not often that a local band you are familiar with has their lyrics sung by the lead in a tv show like The Big Bang Theory as a demonstration of raw emotional emoness. However, that lucky commendation goes to the song Boston by Augustana. I love Augustana. I love the piano coupled with his melancholy vocals.  I love them more when I’m feeling upset, unloved, misunderstood, and beyond repair. Cheery, right?

Top 40: Broadway – Goo Goo Dolls 
Funnily enough, I saw Augustana open for Goo Goo Dolls back in the day so this is a lovely double whammy of memories for me. Anyways, the thing about this song is while it talks about being down, it also discusses a wasted life of a young man. The song may deceive you, making you think you’re about to partake in a happy pop rock song, but Broadway is about a young man without a place in world.  He feels like he’s got no one on his side and self destructs because of it.


Alternative Radio: Creep -Radiohead 

If you’ve ever felt like a sniveling little, well, creep you’ve probably blasted this song on your car stereo many times.   The Radiohead anthem is one of those anti hero songs that you can’t help relate to because hey, we all want perfect bodies. It’s dark and brooding and makes us all feel a little more badass.


Soundtrack: Part of Your World – The Little Mermaid

You think you’re an outsider? Imagine how a Mermaid feels? That’s right, that’s pretty rough.  Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid expresses just how much one can feel like an outsider looking in this song.  Come on guys! She just wants to fit in!


Misc: Somebody to Love – Queen

Freddie Mercury speaks to the romantic in all of us.  Somebody to Love is the perfect depiction of a desire to love someone.  With amazing harmonies and that rock opera style that defines Queen you find yourself singing along happily with a song that is actually quite sad.



Feeling Frisky? Stay tuned.