Watch This!: Snow Patrol, Hotel Carolina, Graffiti6

Snow Patrol – “Called Out In the Dark”

This is quite possibly one of the greatest music videos of all time (at least in my book). I’ve been a fan of Snow Patrol for some time now and I enjoy the song, but what puts it over the edge is the inclusion of Steve (umm…I mean Jack Davenport). To understand my love of Jack, you have to understand that my favorite comedy of all time is the British version of Coupling. I’m not a huge video person, but this one definitely deserves a viewing or two. I’m also really looking forward to the upcoming Snow Patrol tour…


Hotel Carolina artists- “Tiny Dancer”

I was so sad to miss Hotel Carolina in Philadelphia a weekend or two ago. Some of my favorite artists at one of my favorite venues…sigh…but I can watch the videos and pretend I was there. Here’s the amazing Matt Duke leading the Hotel Carolina crew in the finale of “Tiny Dancer”.


Graffiti6– “Stare Into The Sun”

Currently listening to a livestream performance of Graffiti6. I’ve really been enjoying this band since I saw them a couple week’s ago at The El Rey. Their CD Colours sounds better each time I listen. According to the band, their song “Free” is still available for free download on ITunes. Definitely check that out! Since I’m listening to them play acoustically (love it!), here’s an acoustic version of their song “Stare Into the Sun”



~ Kristen