Valentine’s Day Playlist: The Cycles of Love: Unrequited Love

If your affection for someone hasn’t crossed the creepy line then you are sitting quietly in unrequited love land. I’ve been there. We all have. It sucks. You’ve found the most perfect person (you think) and while they might know you exist, you just can’t pony up the nerve to step on a ledge and scream and shout about your feelings. It’s ok. You can just listen to these songs. Maybe you’ll get up the nerve.


Unrequited Love

Local Music – Back Then – The Stupid Daikini

So I realized the category is unrequited love and with our cycle of love this should be before the relationship, but this beautifully written song of love that is unrequited during the relationship.  The song is heartbreaking because it’s sung and written from a place of complete honesty.  This is an unreleased unmastered soundcloud link.

Top 40 – You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a knack for writing the cheesy love songs I’m a sucker for. This one especially speaks to the heart of knowing someone is perfect for you and for some stupid reason you two just aren’t together yet. Taylor and I sing about it all the time in my truck. You can join the fun too.

Alternative Radio – Animal – Neon Trees

Ever have a friend that you want to be something more? Tyler Glenn, singer of Neon Trees knows exactly how you feel. Just be careful when you want to take a bite out of some one’s heart, they might want it all to themselves.

Soundtrack – Leggie Blonde – Flight of the Conchords

This is a more of a lost opportunity, unrequited love.  Murray tells us of all the things he will never get to share with this leggie blonde.  Plus it features an office supply solo and a verse of The Thong Song.

Misc.  – Falling In Love With a Girl in a Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg

Oh Landon, this sweet sweet song was in a Sprint commercial a few years back and I still can’t help but be charmed by it. Perhaps it’s also because I met my ex at a coffee shop so it has a double meaning for me. That aside, keep staring at the cutie at the coffee shop. I bet she likes you too, especially if you sing this to her.


Are you tired of being in love and having the other not know? We got some tunes to motivatie you to take a stand. See ya tomorrow!