Valentine’s Day Playlist: Cycles of Love: Proclamation

You’ve finally decided you are tired of sitting on your feelings. Good for you! It’s time to speak up and tell them how you feel. Who knows, they might feel the exact same way. Here are some songs to reinforce your smart decision to do something and if you aren’t quite there yet, maybe these will push you over the edge.
Local Music – Butch – Saint Motel

Butch is one of those songs that just makes you want to jump and dance and be a little bit of an idiot, it’s okay, we won’t tell anybody that you did.  The twist with Butch is that even though we are in love with this beautiful creature, we aren’t even sure what this beautiful creature is.  “I think I’m Into You, but What Am I Into?” the truth is, we don’t care, we just love this song.

Top 40 – For You I Will (Confidence) – Teddy Geiger

The name kind of says it all. It’s about time a guy finally grew a pair and decided to risk it and tell the girl of his dreams that he wants her. I know you guys have a hard time with this idea but we promise not to bite, hard.

Alternative Radio – Whistle for the Choir- The Fratellies

This is the love song that you wish a guy would sing to you.  It’s sweet, delicate, adorable , and ever so slightly crazy, but isn’t that what a budding romance is.  “So if you’re crazy, I don’t care, you amaze me.”

Soundtrack – 500 Miles – The Promclaimers

What better band to choose for the proclamation category than The Proclaimers? So, what do they proclaim? Listen to the song to find out what those slightly creepy, almost albino twins would do for the girl they love…

Misc – ABC’s of Love – Frankie Lymon

I didn’t know love came in terms of the ABC’s until I discovered The Lovers Dictionary. Long before that however, Frankie Lymon was singing the ABC’s to us. Glad to know he loves us enough for the whole alphabet.


Yay! You finally said it. Now you can be happy and in love, right? We got your love tunes so stay tuned.