Valentines Day Playlist: Cycles of Love: It’s Just Another Day

At long last, the cycle of love has come to an end (as has our playlists). This playlist is for those of us who don’t really pay much attention to Valentines Day. Perhaps you think it’s a corporate holiday or that picking one day to show your love for someone is stupid because you should show it every day. Maybe you are just indifferent to the whole idea. Well this is our list of songs not about love or romance. Enjoy your day. It’s just like any other.

It’s Just Another Day

Local Music – Crimson Calvary – Dirty Sweet

I will raise my arms into the night but only because you asked so nicely. This song ties for favorite from now defunct SD band Dirty Sweet. I love and miss your guitar rifts and breakdowns in your songs. So badass. You guys are missed.

Top 40 – Great DJ- The Ting Tings

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what this song is about but I remember watching The Ting Tings perform it live and being pretty happy. It’s light and dancy which makes any day better in my opinion. Plus it talks about drums of which, I am a fan.

Alternative Radio – No Rain – Blind Melon

Everything in life is beautiful, even the puddles gathering.  Blind Melon should have worked on some more hit songs though, a one hit wonder is a terrible thing.

Soundtrack – Thriller – Michael Jackson – This Is It

I’m a sucker for classics and whatever your opinion of Michael Jackson, you can’t deny he was one hell of an entertainer. The classics never die.

Misc – The World Blows My Mind – Crash Encore

Another local band making its way on the list.  Crash Encore has since disbanded and become about fifteen other bands since then, but they have left us with a plethora of a catalog and this song is one of my favorites. “The World, It Blows, My Mind, All The Time.”

Just enjoy life. That’s all we’ve got 🙂