Valentine’s Day Playlist: Honorable Mentions

It wouldn’t be right of us to let the Valentine’s Day fun actually end on Valentine’s Day so we thought we would share some of the hopefuls for our playlist that just didn’t make the cut. Marissa’s list is up first because, well, I like her list more than mine. Ha ha.

Honorable Mentions: Marissa

Loneliness: Remain – Transfer

Transfer is a little bit Melancholy and this song has that sort of, “I’m just living to live” vibe about it.  Plus, I just love Transfer.

Tease: Halo Bender – The Halo Benders

“You Think You’re Heaven Sent, Gonna Get Your Halo Bent”

Sexy: I’m Gonna Love The Hell Out of You – The Silver Jews

An odd one, but I love it.  Something about the slow monotone approach of the Silver Jews makes almost every song sound a little bit naughty.

Puppy Love: Red Sweater – The Aquabats

It’s just cute. Smiles.

Sprung: Pictures of Lily – The Who

Falling in love with a sexy picture, just cause your a teenage boy, if that’s not sprung I don’t know what is.

Creepy Love: Saturday Night – The Misfits

I mean if you murder a girl, you shouldn’t sing song about being bummed out about it, it’s just rude.

Unrequited Love: My Man (Funny Girl) – Barbara Streisand

Heart breaking to say the least.

Proclamation: Winter Winds – Mumford and Sons

This is a “Holy Shit I’m In Love With You, but You Are Totally Terrible For Me” song.

In Love: Drifter – Mississippi Man

This is one of those songs that just touches of this sort of, we just happen to be perfect together things, with adorable and catchy lyrics, it’s one of my favorites.

Tragic Love: Farewell Reel – Patti Smith

Written after the death of her husband, an honest and heart wrenching account of the loss of a true love.

Post Break Up: Crown of Love – Arcade Fire

The swooning strings and Win Butler’s strong yet shaky voice give this song a pulse and intensity that isn’t characteristic of a post break up song.


It’s Just Another Day: Car – Built To Spill

‘You Get the Car, I’ll Get the Night Off”