Valentine’s Day Playlist: Honorable Mentions- Part 2

As promised, my honorable mentions list.

Honorable Mentions: Amanda

Loneliness: Medicate- AFI

Let’s see, a song about medicating, being numb, and someone who doesn’t even know your name. Yep, that’s pretty sad.

Tease: Dare Me- Pointer Sisters

I grew up listening to the likes of The Pointer Sisters, The Coasters, and other such oldies. I have to say, I like it when a lady dares a guy because she knows she can take him on. The real question is, can he handle her?

Sexy: Mr. Sinister- Scarlet Grey

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite LA bands and while it isn’t ‘sexy’ in terms of being a song about sex, it feels sexy to me. Maybe it’s the guitar. Maybe it’s about someone sinister. It might just be the lyric, ‘he’ll help you take off your dress, insist there’s more to confess.’ Is that a promise?

Puppy Love: The Way It Is- Th’ Moonlight Sexy

Sadly, Th’ Moonlight Sexy no longer exists and neither does this song on the interwebs. I can however, link you to their old Myspace and you can listen to their other tunes. I know it’s a cop out but I got nothing….

Sprung: Dirty Little Secret- The All American Rejects

You want me but you don’t want to tell anyone about me? Well sir, it sounds like you just want me for my body and all it’s capable of doing. I might be ok with that.

Creepy Love: I Will Follow Him- Peggy March

This might be more a song about devotion and true love but in today’s day and age, a song about following a guy no matter what reads ‘stalker.’

Unrequited Love: About A Girl- The Academy Is…

So wait, this song isn’t about a girl you’re secretly in love with? Oh wait, you just don’t want to admit it. Keep telling yourself you aren’t in love. Let’s see how long that lasts. P.S. I totally relate

Proclamation: There She Goes- Carney

Something about Carney just oozes sex. So when they start telling you they secretly love you, how could you not go weak at the knees for this? Sigh.

In Love: The Brute and The Beast- Fierce Creatures

I remember the day when Fierce Creatures came knocking on my little blog door and said ‘hey, check us out.’ It’s been love since then much like this velvety soft song.

Tragic Love: Daisy- The Silent Comedy

Sadly this song doesn’t get a lot of playtime but it’s always been a favorite of mine. Hey Daisy, just add some salt to the wound. It makes for a good song.

Post Break Up: Miserable At Best- Mayday Parade

Love sucks. Love hurts. Sometimes the best you can be is miserable. Mayday Parade understands your pain.

It’s Just Another Day: Haight St.- Anberlin

‘Let’s you and me, make a night of this. Old enough to know but too young to care.’ Hark, I hear my lost adolescence calling me! I suppose that’s why this song has a sweet spot with me.


And now we end all talk of Valentine’s Day! Until next year…