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Amanda’s SD Concert Calendar 3/5-3/11

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I can’t believe next Sunday Kristen and I depart for SXSW! Since the festival is fast approaching, so many SXSW artists are coming through San Diego on their way to Austin. Lots of local San Diego bands are gearing up for the drive as well. Favorites like Ivan and Aloysha are playing Soda Bar tomorrow night, The Silent Comedy, Dead Feather Moon, and The Howls at The Belly Up on Thursday, Stone Foxes at The Casbah on Friday and let’s not forget Fierce Creatures on Sunday at Tin Can Alehouse! That doesn’t even begin to cover the half of it! Whew.

Monday: The Twilight Sad @ Casbah @9 $10
AND: The Broken Column @ Soda Bar @9 $5

Tuesday: Ivan and Alyosha @ Soda Bar @9 $5
AND: A Scribe Amidst The Lions @ Eleven @9 $5
AND: Flogging Molly @ House of Blues @7 $35/$45

Wednesday: Republic of Letters, The Henry Clay People, and Weatherbox @ Casbah @9 $8
AND: John Heart Jackie @ Soda Bar @830 $5
AND: River City @ Riviera Supper Club @9

Thursday: The Silent Comedy, Dead Feather Moon, and The Howls @ Belly Up @9 $15
AND: William Fitzsimmons @ Anthology @7
AND: Maren Parusel, Italian Japanese, and Low Volts @ Casbah @9 $8
AND: Old Tiger @ Riviera Supper Club @9

Friday: The Stone Foxes @ Casbah @9 $10/$12
AND: Saul Williams @ Soda Bar @830 $15

Saturday: The Gallery @ Spring Forward Festival @2
AND: The Heavy Guilt and The Beautiful View @ Casbah @9 $10/$12
AND: Puddle of Mudd @ Sycuan @8 $35/$45
AND: Josh Damigo @ Lestats @8

Sunday: Crocodiles @ Casbah @9 $12
AND: Fierce Creatures @ Tin Can Alehouse @10 $5
Keep in Mind:
March 13th-18th- SXSW!
March 16th- For The Sender @ Lestats
March 17th- Tyler Hilton @ Lestats
March 18th- Puscifer @ California Center for the Arts Escondido
March 19th- Kaiser Chiefs @ Belly Up @9
March 20th- Ani DeFranco @ House of Blues
March 21st- Cults @ Belly Up @9
March 21st- Lumineers @ Casbah
March 22nd- Cartel @ Soma
March 23rd- The Ting Tings @ House of Blues
March 26th- Imagine Dragons @ 710 Beach Club
March 30th- Into It Over It @ Soma
March 31st- Henry Rollins @ SD Women’s Club $27.50
April 4th0- Hunter Hayes @ House of Blues
April 7th- Transfer and The Blackout Party @ Belly Up
April 13th- Coachella Weekend 1
April 15th- Rise Against @ Viejas Arena
April 16th- Elvis Costello @ Humphreys
April 17th- The Hives @ Belly Up
April 20th- Coachella Weekend 2
May 2nd- Say Anything @ House of Blues
May 4th- Thrice @ House of Blues
May 5th- Portugal. The Man @ 4th and B
May 12th- Delta Spirit @ Belly Up
June 3rd- Mogwai @ Belly Up

Fierce Creatures Tour!

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While Fresno’s Fierce Creatures aren’t yet coming back to San Diego (March 11th) they are currently on tour! With their tour almost half over, they’ve been having a blast up in Northern Cali, Oregon, and now Washington.

Perhaps my favorite part of their tour is the poster…


How could you not love that? Makes me flash back to my childhood. Sigh.

Oh and keep some ears out. They have some new music to release coming in June. Much love to those Creatures!

Valentine’s Day Playlist: Honorable Mentions- Part 2

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As promised, my honorable mentions list.

Honorable Mentions: Amanda

Loneliness: Medicate- AFI

Let’s see, a song about medicating, being numb, and someone who doesn’t even know your name. Yep, that’s pretty sad.

Tease: Dare Me- Pointer Sisters

I grew up listening to the likes of The Pointer Sisters, The Coasters, and other such oldies. I have to say, I like it when a lady dares a guy because she knows she can take him on. The real question is, can he handle her?

Sexy: Mr. Sinister- Scarlet Grey

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite LA bands and while it isn’t ‘sexy’ in terms of being a song about sex, it feels sexy to me. Maybe it’s the guitar. Maybe it’s about someone sinister. It might just be the lyric, ‘he’ll help you take off your dress, insist there’s more to confess.’ Is that a promise?

Puppy Love: The Way It Is- Th’ Moonlight Sexy

Sadly, Th’ Moonlight Sexy no longer exists and neither does this song on the interwebs. I can however, link you to their old Myspace and you can listen to their other tunes. I know it’s a cop out but I got nothing….


Sprung: Dirty Little Secret- The All American Rejects

You want me but you don’t want to tell anyone about me? Well sir, it sounds like you just want me for my body and all it’s capable of doing. I might be ok with that.

Creepy Love: I Will Follow Him- Peggy March

This might be more a song about devotion and true love but in today’s day and age, a song about following a guy no matter what reads ‘stalker.’

Unrequited Love: About A Girl- The Academy Is…

So wait, this song isn’t about a girl you’re secretly in love with? Oh wait, you just don’t want to admit it. Keep telling yourself you aren’t in love. Let’s see how long that lasts. P.S. I totally relate

Proclamation: There She Goes- Carney

Something about Carney just oozes sex. So when they start telling you they secretly love you, how could you not go weak at the knees for this? Sigh.

In Love: The Brute and The Beast- Fierce Creatures

I remember the day when Fierce Creatures came knocking on my little blog door and said ‘hey, check us out.’ It’s been love since then much like this velvety soft song.

Tragic Love: Daisy- The Silent Comedy

Sadly this song doesn’t get a lot of playtime but it’s always been a favorite of mine. Hey Daisy, just add some salt to the wound. It makes for a good song.

Post Break Up: Miserable At Best- Mayday Parade

Love sucks. Love hurts. Sometimes the best you can be is miserable. Mayday Parade understands your pain.

It’s Just Another Day: Haight St.- Anberlin

‘Let’s you and me, make a night of this. Old enough to know but too young to care.’ Hark, I hear my lost adolescence calling me! I suppose that’s why this song has a sweet spot with me.


And now we end all talk of Valentine’s Day! Until next year…

Amanda’s Top Ten Musical Experiences (cont.)

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I bet you thought I forgot all about this! Well, the truth of the matter is… I haven’t been home to write and when I am home, I’m sleeping. I’ve been out making new musical experiences for 2012! As such I’m giving you three more of my top musical experiences and I promise the top 2 won’t be far behind.


5.SXSW- I don’t really know how to describe SXSW to anyone other than calling it a musical orgy of sorts. There is so much to see and do whilst in Austin, Texas that it’s hard to keep your head on straight. Last year was my first year and I hope to be going every year after. The cool thing about SXSW is you really only need money for a place to stay and some food. We never went to any official shows (which is what badges are required for) and we had a hard time keeping up with all the musical options out there. During our time at SXSW we saw; Fierce Creatures, Viva City, Purple Melon, AWOLNATION, Neon Trees, The Head and The Heart, The Kin, Dead Sara, Fitz and The Tantrums, Tailor Made Fable, Keaton Simons, Liam Finn, Atomic Tom, Ivan and Alyosha, Queen Caveat, The Gallery, Sabrosa Purr,  The Greenhornes, The Silent Comedy, Mother Mother, Agnes Obel, Brian Wright, Brooke Fraser, Cary Brothers, Holly Conlan, Jim Bianco, Joey Ryan, Kenneth Pattengale, Laura Jansen, Little Red Radio, OK, The Milk Carton Kids, Deluka, Hugo, Meriwether, My Cousin The Emperor, Sinai, Taylor Locke & The Roughs, The Good Natured, Augustana, Doll and The Kicks, Empires, Lenka, Twin Atlantic, and The Stone Foxes. Well, you get the idea…


4. Blink-182- I was never a huge fan of Blink. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t change the radio station when their music came on or anything but nothing about them made me have a burning desire to see them live. In 2011, I saw them not once but twice and they will always have a warm spot in my heart. The first time I saw them was for the Honda Civic Tour. I was working with Kevin and Rebecca Joelson and doing some shooting of the event which means I was in the pit for the first few songs and was able to be side stage for the rest of their set. I was surprised at just how many Blink-182 songs I knew and Rebecca and I sang along from the sidelines. What really blew my brain was when they ‘finished’ their set and this giant rig comes down from the batons where all the lights are. I had been staring at it all night trying to figure out what it was. Well, it was a giant arm with a drum set attached! Travis got on this rig and was taken out over the audience while he played a solo for a few minutes. The rig would tilt down, back up and move around. It was mind blowing!!!! Needless to say, I was a fan after that.


3. Bonnaroo- In 2011, Bonnaroo was what Coachella should have been lineup wise. If you’ve ever been to or know about Coachella, think of Bonnaroo as the cooler sister who is both hippie and hip. Bonnarro is also held in a giant field and while it lacks the artistic attractions like the wandering robot and the giant hand that can kill a car, it has yoga and it’s own post office. Bonnaroo also has this giant fountain which I’ve been told gets painted different colors every year but it’s a great way to stay cool in the heat. Coachella doesn’t have that. Granted Coachella is easier to get to, but flying out gave us the chance to hang out in Tennessee and check out Nashville for a day or two. Our highlights from Bonnaroo were already posted on this site but we had a blast watching Eminem, The Head and The Heart, Portugal. The Man, Neon Trees, Kopeckey Family Band, Mumford and Sons, Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons, Alberta Cross, The Black Angels, and The Decemberists. Bonnaroo is a new tradition in my book and I can’t wait to see the lineup for 2012!


See you soon for my top 2!

Kristen’s LA Concert Calendar: 11/7-11/13

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I’m still recovering from the awesomeness that was last Thursday night. Between Twin Atlantic at The Music Box and all the music, dancing, and friends at the High Voltage Magazine release party at On the Rox, I’m still beat. Could be because I’m still recovering from my bout of ill health. This cold weather isn’t helping. But I suppose I need to get used to it as I’m jetting to the east coast at the end of the week.

Friday night in Philadelphia I’ll be at The TLA with IKE, Stargazer Lily, The Shakers, Zelazowa, John & Brittany, and Placid Admiral (featuring members of one of my all-time faves, Jealousy Curve). If you’re on that side of the country, please come out and say hi!

We’ve also got some great shows in LA this week. Vanaprasta starts their Monday night November residency at The Satellite accompanied this week by Rocco DeLuca and Beatnik Jr, Kill the Alarm is in town at Room 5 on Friday, and my beloved Milk Carton Kids are back opening for Over the Rhine at The El Rey Saturday night.


Here’s the whole list:

Monday: Vanaprasta, Rocco DeLuca, Beatnik Jr. FREE at The Satellite (9pm)…first night of Vanaprasta’s November residency
ALSO: Moderne Man and Roman Candle Wars at The Viper Room (8:15, 12:15)
ALSO: Maxim Ludwig, Little Hurricane and Fierce Creatures FREE at Bootleg Theater (8:30, 10:30, 11:30)
ALSO: Lights at The El Rey (8pm)
ALSO: Songwriters in the Round at Room 5 (9pm)


Tuesday: Thrice at The Mayan Theater (10pm)
ALSO: First Aid Kit at The Troubadour (10pm)
ALSO: Hey Rosetta! At The Echo (9pm)


Weds: Harper Blynn and The Damnwells at The Hotel Cafe (9pm)
ALSO: Lovers Drugs at The Mint (11pm)


Thursday: Irontom at Bootleg Theater (10pm)
ALSO: Lady Sinatra at The Viper (11pm)


Friday: Kill the Alarm at Room 5 (9pm)
ALSO: Queen Caveat and Unwritten Law at Saint Rocke (9, 11)
ALSO: Jack’s Mannequin and Guster at The El Rey (7pm)
ALSO: Liam Gerner and Jim Bianco at The Hotel Cafe (7,10)
ALSO: Brett Detar and Olin and the Moon at The Mint (9,10)
ALSO: The Sheepdogs at The Echoplex (10pm)
ALSO: Toy at The Roxy (6:30)


Saturday: Experience No Ho Arts Festival featuring Taylor Locke and The Roughs, Maxim Ludwig, The Nervous Wreckords, and many more FREE at The Federal Bar (12-8pm)…for more info about the festival http://nohoartsdistrict.com/experience-noho/
ALSO: Purple Melon at The Central (11pm)
ALSO: Feist at The Wiltern (8pm)


Sunday: Honeyhoney at The Troubadour (10:30)
ALSO: Milk Carton Kids and Over the Rhine at The El Rey (7pm)
ALSO: Empire at TRiP Santa Monica (7:30)
ALSO: Elliot Yamin at The Hotel Cafe (9:30)
ALSO: Kyle Nicolaides at Room 5 (10pm)




To Keep in Mind:
November 14th: The Silent Comedy at Bootleg
November 15th: Augustana at The Hotel Cafe
November 16th: The Stone Foxes at The Viper Room
November 17th: Marketa Irglova at The Troubadour
November 19th: Milo Greene, The Belle Brigade, and The Civil Wars at The Wiltern
November 19th: Semi Precious Weapons at The Roxy
November 29th: Rachel Yamagata at The Troubadour
December 2nd: Fair to Midland at The Troubadour
December 2nd: Allen Stone at The Echo
December 2nd: Priscilla Ahn at The El Rey
December 2nd: Camp Freddy at The Roxy
December 9th: Camp Freddy at The Roxy
December 14th: Deas Vail at The Roxy
December 16th: Camp Freddy at The Roxy
December 16th: Oh Land at The El Rey
December 23rd: Camp Freddy at The Roxy
Feb. 2nd: Mutemath at Club Nokia
March 9th: William Fitzsimmons at The Troubadour
March 13th-18th: SXSW (Austin, TX)


~ Kristen



Amanda’s SD Concert Calendar 10/31-11/6

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Happy Halloween to all and to all a Happy Halloween! I hope you all are having a spooktacular Halloween (sorry, I couldn’t resist)! I’m actually staying in this year. I must be sick because I love Halloween. I suppose after being in Vegas for Halloween last year, coupled with all my recent travel, a night in is what I crave. Perhaps I’ll put on a movie and eat some candy tonight. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting out and about!


Monday: Deer Tick, Guards, The Kaabs and Low Volts @ Casbah @9 $15
AND: Josh Damigo’s Acoustic Bash @ House of Blues @6

Tuesday: The Barr Brothers @ Anthology @7 $10-$26

Wednesday: Minus the Bear and The Lonely Forest @ Soma @730 $25
AND: Simple Plan, Forever The Sickest Kids, The Cab @ House of Blues SD @7 $21-$35

Thursday: Mayday Parade and You Me At Six @ House of Blues SD @7
AND: Pretty Too Bad @ Belly Up @8 $8
AND: Family Wagon @ Soda Bar @9 $10

Friday: The Burning of Rome @ Soda Bar @9 $5
AND: Josh Damigo and Fierce Creatures @ The Griffen @9 $7
AND: The Heavy Guilt, A Scribe Amidst the Lions, and Short Eyes @ Ruby Room
AND: April Ventura and The Magnolias and Dark Thirty @ Eleven @9 $6

Saturday: The Parlotones, Scattered Trees, and Skyline Union @ Casbah $12

Sunday: Jesse LaMonaca @ Bar Pink @9


Keep in Mind:
November 7th- Purple Melon and Kevin Martin @ Casbah $8
November 8th- Mattson 2 @ El Dorado
November 8th- Heavy Glow @ Belly Up @8 $8
November 9th- Ra Ra Riot @ Belly Up @9 $18
November 11th- Thrice @ House of Blues SD
November 12th- Dead Feather Moon, The Get Down Automatic, and The Heavy Guilt @ Casbah
November 14th- HoneyHoney @ Soda Bar @830 $10
November 16th- The Dirty Heads with Gym Class Heroes @ House of Blues SD
November 17th- The Sounds @ Soma @7
November 20th- Newfound Glory @ House of Blues
November 22nd- Morrissey @ Escondido Center for the Arts
December 3rd- Little Hurricane @ Casbah $14
December 10th- The Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Belly Up
December 19th- Pinback @ Belly Up
January 22nd- Wilco and With Denim @ House of Blues
February 3rd- Mute Math @ 4th & B

Amanda’s SD Show Calendar 8/29-9/4

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So, I tried to be a good person and get this post out yesterday because I have school Mondays and Wednesdays. This obviously didn’t happen and it might have had something to do with the fact that I was at a shoot all day. Exhausting and wonderful though it was, I was not able to compose my post. However, you should take the time to look up SD Soundsystem. They have been doing some really cool stuff with some really cool bands and I’m thankful to be a small part of it.

Anyways, the day is still early, school is done and I can do what I’m here to do today….

To the calendar!!!


Monday: Neon Cough, Death on Mars, The Very, Scott Mathiasen @ Casbah @9

Tuesday: Bully and Patrick Norton @ Tin Can Alehouse @10 $5

Wednesday: White Apple Tree @ Soda Bar @9 $8
AND: Illuminauts @ Casbah @9 $7

Thursday: Patrick Stump @ Anthology @730 $10-$35
AND: Handsome Furs @ Casbah @9 $12

Friday: Fitz and the Tantrums @ Del Mar Racetrack
AND: The Amandas and Crawdaddys @ Casbah @9 $20
AND: Mister Heavenly, Waters, and Little White Teeth @ Bar Pink @10 $10
AND: Daughtry @ Pechanga Resort and Casino $45-$80

Saturday: Fierce Creatures, John Meeks and Joanie Mendenhall @ Tin Can Alehouse @10 $6
AND: River City @ Bar Pink @10
AND: FYF Fest-The Descendents, Death From Above 1979, Broken Social Scene, Explosions in the Sky, Guided By Voices, Cold War Kids, Girls, No Age, and many more… @1st and Main (Downtown LA)

Sunday: The Great American Showcase @ El Dorado @2 $20 (its for breast cancer!)
AND: A Scribe Amidst the Lions and the Heavy Guilt @ Casbah @9 $8 adv/$10 day of
AND: Ben Harper @ Del Mar Racetrack
AND: Cash’d Out @ Belly Up @9 $16 adv/$18 day of
AND: Le Butcherettes @ Bar Pink @10


Keep in Mind:

September 4th- The Great American Showcase with The Soft Pack, The Nervous Wreckords, and more! @ El Dorado Cocktail Lounge
September 8th- SD Music Thing Kickoff Party with Telekinesis @ Casbah @9 $12
September 8th- AWOLNATION @ Bell Up
September 9th and 10th- San Diego Music Thing (formerly North Park Music Thing)
September 11th- Diana Ross @ Pechanga Resort and Casino $85-$120
September 11th- The Kills @ House of Blues SD
September 13th- Blue October @ House of Blues SD
September 13th- Ray Lamontagne and The Pariah Dogs @ Copley Symphony Hall
September 14th- The Vaccines, Tennis, and Young Buffalo @ Casbah $15 adv/$17
September 21st Bright Eyes @ Soma @7 $25
September 23rd- Ladytron @ House of Blues SD $25
September 24th- Arctic Monkeys w/ TV on the Radio @ SDSU Open Air Theater
September 24th- Two Door Cinema Club @ House of Blues SD
September 27th- Bush with Chevelle and Filter @ 4th & B @630 $40
September 30th- Portugal. The Man @ House of Blues SD
October 1st- Crocodiles and Dum Dum Girls @ Casbah $14
October 5th- The Naked and Famous @ Belly Up
October 6th- Honda Civic Tour w/ Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, and Matt and Kim @ Cricket Wireless
October 9th- Dawes and Blitzen Trapper @ Belly Up @8 $18 adv/$20 day of
October 11th- Dropkick Murphys @ House of Blues
Octiber 14th- The Head and the Heart @ House of Blues @7 $17.50 adv/$20 day of
October 16th- The Naked and Famous @ Belly Up @9 $15
October 17th- Foo Fighters w/ Cage the Elephant @ Viejas Arena
October 19th- Foster the People @ Soma $25
October 26th- Manchester Orchestra @ House of Blues SD
October 30th- Matt Nathanson @ House of Blues SD $23-$40
November 9th- Ra Ra Riot @ Belly Up
November 11th- Thrice @ House of Blues SD
November 16th- The Dirty Heads with Gym Class Heroes @ House of Blues SD
November 20th- Newfound Glory @ House of Blues