LMN Band Exam: The Nervous Wreckords

The Nervous Wreckords are set to release their sophomore album Let Them All Talk this week and we here at Local Music Nation couldn’t help asking frontman Brian Karscig to answer a band exam. You can also check out my favorite single off Let Them All Talk here

LMN Band Exam Questions: The Nervous Wreckords

Multiple Choice: choose one of the following three options. Feel free to ad lib or create your own choices.

What would be The Nervous Wreckords’s breakfast of choice: coffee, breakfast burrito, fruit platter, whiskey, never up early enough to eat breakfast
~Definitely Coffee

Best place to play a random show: beach, forest, shopping mall, desert
~I think I’ve done all of these, and forest is the best.

Fight boredom on the road: Cards, Reading, Music, DVDs
~a little of each plus a little “alphabet game” with band names.

Fill in the Blank:

Favorite thing to eat when I get home
~mac and cheese in the blue box or a burrito from Asada’s

An interesting item you might find in The Nervous Wreckords’s tour van
~Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 on DVD

Weird skill/talent no one would expect from me
~I make a really good paper airplane

Essay Questions:

What is the first thing you do when you come home from a tour?
~Take a shower and lay in my bed!

If you weren’t rockin’ out as a musician, what would be your ideal job?
~ I think I’d be a chef or a horticulturalist. I like cooking and my garden of roses. Both are therapeutic to me the way music is, but you also have to put a lot of time, care and creativity into them so the finished meal, garden, or song turn out to be something you enjoy and are proud of.