Kristen’s 2012 Mix – Track 1 – Imagine Dragons

I spend all year going to shows and collecting songs and pictures and stories. I’ve spent the last month or so compiling some of my top musical memories into a music mix with accompanying booklet (my favorite little crafting project). So, here I share with you my top tracks of 2012.


Imagine Dragons

I knew the first time I heard this song that it would be the lead off track of this mix. I’m so proud of Imagine Dragons and the meteoric rise they have experienced this year (and not just because I picked them as my first “band on the rise” piece for High Voltage Magazine). With placement on radio, TV shows, movie trailers, etc., they are getting some much deserved recognition. Although they are now “too big” for me to see on a regular basis, I can always say that I knew them when…


~ Kristen