Re-Inspired by Greatness- Nico Vega at Universal City Walk (3/25/13)

Nico Vega at Universal City WalkLast night I was completely re-inspired by long time LMN Band Love Nico Vega. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen them and I recall my last NV experience to be somewhat underwhelming, but last night I was reminded why I fell for this band. The energy and pure love this quartet of musicians put forth is enough to get anyone to pay attention and last night was a prime example as the band dominated a large stage in the middle of Universal City Walk. I watched passersby go from double takes to that slow walk towards the stage, evidence of the gravitational pull Nico Vega and its electric frontwoman, Aja Volkman, has on its listeners.  

The band just got off of a major nation-wide tour opening for Imagine Dragons and I think the experience of performing every night brought the group together to a level of cohesion that was impressive to watch. They mostly played newer songs, several of which can be found on their new Fury Oh Fury EP, but they also delved into their past for a couple of my personal favorites like “Gravity” and the powerful “Beast” which Aja joyfully (and somewhat tearfully) announced is currently charting on iTunes (a first for the band).

P1420957The event was for the release of a new video game, Bioshock Infinite, so gamers and music lovers alike were dazzled by the fierce love, fine craftsmanship, and rockin’ music on display.

Be sure to go to iTunes and buy the version of “Beast” from the new EP to help the group continue to rise on the charts. And keep track of Nico Vega as they will be coming back to your town soon I’m sure…


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