Kristen’s Top 5 Acts to See at Coachella 2013

It’ s that time again! California’s favorite two weekend desert music festival is almost upon us. I’m (sadly) not attending this year, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t listen to all of the artist and compile a short list of the artists I would most want to see. Plus, you know, there’s the livestream!

But if you’re venturing out to Indio this year, here’s who I’d recommend making the time to see:

1. Biffy Clyro

I almost completely rearranged my schedule and budget when I saw my beloved Scottish rockers on the line-up this year. I implore you to go see them in my stead. Their live show is one of my absolute favorites. Their new album, Opposites, is back in my car player in honor of the “so close yet so far” status.  In between weekends the band is opening for Muse on the east coast.

Video from their most recently single:

 2. The Neighbourhood

Every chance I get to see this band, I’m there. I saw them a couple times at SXSW and it almost felt like I was saying goodbye. I think they are becoming too big for me to see on the regular. They don’t even have a proper album out yet. So, if you haven’t seen or heard The Neighbourhood, Coachella would be the perfect opportunity to check them out!

3. Reignwolf

I know Coachella can get a bit warm, but if you’re looking for a proper face melting experience, look no further than Reignwolf. Listening to the bands on this year’s line-up, I felt that what was lacking was some solid straight-up rock music. If you feel the same, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

4. The Postal Service

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the band that gave us the still ubiquitous “Such Great Heights”. I mean, they haven’t toured in ten years and rumor has it new music is on the horizon. Aren’t you curious? I sure am!

5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Have you heard the stream of their new album? Enough said.


~ Kristen