Kristen’s SXSW ’13 Mix – Part 1 – Moon Taxi, The Virginmarys, Young Guns

SXSW is my favorite time of the year for collecting new artists to watch. Far be it from me to keep these gems to myself. Here are some of bands and songs I discovered this year:

1. Moon Taxi – “Mercury”

Moon Taxi was the first band I saw this year and they made a lasting impression. Went out of my way to see them again later in the week and this song transformed me into a dancing fiend!

 2. The Virginmarys– “Dead Man’s Shoes”

This Virginmarys was that one band I just didn’t quite get to see, despite multiple “almosts”. They were part of one of my favorite showcases from Wind-Up Records which also featured Civil Twilight, Young Guns, Jillette Johnson, and another fun new discover, Crobot.  I was fortunate enough to see these British rockstars when they came through LA and they lived up to all the hype and went beyond to play one of the more rockin’ sets in my recent memory. New band love!


 3. Young Guns – “Bones (Acoustic)”

Going to Austin, Young Guns was one of the bands I was most excited to see. They did not disappoint. I had been introduced to them via this acoustic track, but they put on an amazingly high energy rock show. Still, I will always contend, my favorite rockers are the ones who can best pull off an acoustic take on their tracks…and seeing them play an acoustic mini-set for Record Store Day cemented this band’s talent and a place on my “watch” list.


~ Kristen

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