Kristen’s SXSW ’13 Mix – Part 4 – The View, Six60, Jack Carty

SXSW is my favorite time of the year for collecting new artists to watch. Far be it from me to keep these gems to myself. Here are some of bands and songs I discovered this year:


10. The View – “How Long”

The View is a Scottish rock band…of course they made my list! Their album, Cheeky For A Reason, was one of my Austin purchases that I made after the band got high marks from a friend. The album title, by the way, is perfect!


11. Six60 – “Run For It”

The way this song revs up to that first glorious “boom” of sound was instantly compelling and is worth an 11 on the volume meter.  The more of Six60 I listen to, the more I realize that this band from New Zealand really had something special. Can’t wait for them to come back to The States!


12. Jack Carty – “She’s Got A Boyfriend” 

There is something about this Australian singer-songwriter that kept me glued to my seat when I saw him perform at The Australian party at Maggie Mae’s (despite having other places to be). I’ve since devoured all of his music including the new EP “The Predictable Crisis of Modern Life” which kicks Carty’s folk-based music up a notch adding new sounds and textures  while maintaining the solid songwriting and heart at the base of any good song.


~ Kristen