New Music Tuesday 8/27/13 Featuring Foy Vance, Matt Wertz, Franz Ferdinand

New music! New music! New music!!

Foy VanceJoy of

I got a preview of this album last week at Amoeba records and I have to say it is a winner from start to finish. Foy Vance is a captivating performer and the power and emotion he relays on stage are captured quite well in the record. Expect to hear his songs and name on many a soundtrack in the upcoming year.  If you’re in LA, Foy will be at The Hotel Cafe October 28th. Also, this song is up for free download on iTunes so don’t miss out!

Matt WertzHeatwave 

The singer songwriter takes a step away from the simple guy with guitar model and towards a more heavily produced sound that goes into more pop and even country territories…with a hint of blistering rock guitar solos. Some of the songs come off as a bit cheesy-90’s pop to me, but you can’t deny the catchiness. I prefer the more toned down, meaningful songs, but I applaud the effort to bust out of the box and shake things up a bit. Matt will be in LA at The Bootleg Theater September 12th. The video for single, “Get to You” is a real treat and I feel explains a lot about the record.

Franz FerdinandRight Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action 

I haven’t heard any of the new album, but who wouldn’t be interested in new material from Franz Ferdinand?!? Here’s a taste of the sounds and meaning behind the album:

~ Kristen