Kristen’s Top 10 Acts to See at SXSW ’14

Heading to Austin tomorrow for what is always my favorite week of the year, SXSW Music! I’ve sorted countless invites, emails, RSVPs, parties, lineups, etc. and settled on a lovely 25 page schedule of possibilities. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to SXSW, and not many of them are bad, but if you’re still looking for some guidance, here are some of the acts I’m most looking forward to next week.

1. Dear Boy

Nothing beats watching one of your favorite local bands experience their first SXSW.  This year, it’s all about Dear Boy. This will be the band’s first trip to Austin and first tour out of California. They are one of my top bands on the rise and I can’t wait to see how they do away from home.  It’ll be thrilling to watch all the music fans fall in love.

Where to see them:

Wednesday 4pm at On-Airstreaming Studios (210 Guadalupe St)
Wednesday 8pm at Bar 96 (96 Rainey St) – BMI Official Showcase
Friday 3:20 at Rusty’s (405 E 7th St) – Swinghouse/D’Addario Day Party


2. The Kin

If The Kin are playing, I am there. That’s how good these guys are. Their live performance will mesmerize. The Kin recently got off the road with Pink and are currently in the middle of their first big headline cross-country tour so catch them while you can!

Where to see them:

Tuesday 4:30 at BD Riley’s (204 E 6th St) – Sounds Australia ‘Sound Gallery’
Tuesday 8pm Magical Mystery Bus Tour (RSVP for info)
Wednesday 8pm Magical Mystery Bus Tour (RSVP for info)
Thursday 5pm at the ‘Fish Bowl’ Stage at 4th and Congress – MUVE Music Showcase
Thursday 8pm Magical Mystery Bus Tour (RSVP for info)
Friday 12:30 at the Lawn of the Four Seasons (98 San Jacinto Blvd)- BMI Brunch


3. Meg Myers

If you have ever seen Meg Myers, you would know why she is on this list. Meg is the kind of performer who completely inhabits her songs and her recent EP (one of my favorite releases this year), is full of emotion-laden rockers. I could watch this girl all day.


Where to see her:

Wednesday 12-5pm Lawn Party at Empire Control Room and Garage (604 E 7th St)
Wednesday 3:40 at IFC Fairgrounds (E 3rd & Red River)
Wednesday 9:50 at Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River St)
Thursday  4:25 at 78 Rainey St
Friday 8pm at The Market (319 Colorado St)


4. Sir Sly

Every year there is a band or two that I feel like I need to say goodbye to. They are becoming too big for me to afford to see every time they play and I just need to acknowledge the fact that they are no longer going to be one of “my bands”. This year, Sir Sly is that band.

Where to see them: 

Monday 1pm at Roku Streaming Lounge – Vevo Showcase
Thursday 4pm Bar 96 – Dr. Martens/Filter Showcase
Friday 4:45 Palm Door on 6th – Universal Music Group Showcase
Friday 10pm at Old School – Cherrytree Records Showcase


5. The 1975

When I saw them at SXSW 2013, I was not impressed, but I have since become obsessed with a few of their tunes. Is it something about their live show that I struggle to connect with? Was someone having a bad day back in 2013? Was I just an idiot? Now that I’m more familiar with the group, I’m terribly curious to see these Brits again.

 Where to see them:

Thursday 3-10 mtvU Woodie Awards (corner of first and Red River)
Friday 1:30 at Palm Door on 6th outdoor stage (508 E 6th St)
Friday 5pm at The Hype Hotel (301 Brazos St)
Saturday noon at Waterloo Records (600 N Lamar Blvd)
Saturday 12:30am at Stubb’s (801 Red River)


6. The Silent Comedy – If you want an all around good time, head to a Silent Comedy gig. yes.
See them: Wednesday 9pm at Rusty’s (405 E 7th St)

7. Queen Caveat – My fave LA rockers finally put out a new EP, and they are ready to take Austin by storm
See them: Friday 7:45 on the Whole Foods Rooftop (525 N Lamar Blvd)- Quantum Collective Party

8. Parade of Lights – Another local fave that I’m excited to see take on Texas
See them: Saturday 1pm at The Cedar Door (201 Brazos St) – The Naked Music Box Party

9. Hozier– because his song, “Take Me To Church” has been stuck in my head for weeks now
See him: Friday 12pm at The Hype Hotel (301 Brazos St)

10. Heymoonshaker– I’ve never seen this band, but they have songs with the genre “blues-beatbox” and they just sound like the kind of party I want to be a part of
See them: Friday 3:45 at The Lodge (411 E 6th St)