SXSW 2014 – Saturday Recap


I can’t believe it’s finally here. Last official day of SXSW. Everyone was a bit sluggish today and I got told a countless number of times that I looked tired, but it’s beyond tired really. It’s even beyond exhaustion. What I feel is somewhere on the spectrum of insanity and I must be insane to still be going full force after 5 full days and sleepless nights. I may be incapable of finishing a sentence or working a door knob, but I saw just about 20 bands today. I feel in love a few times and I cannot wait to put my SXSW ’14 music mix together.

Today started a bit drizzly, literally as the sky decided to sporadically open up and spit on us. It was bad enough to hinder a few of the outdoor events, including what was going to be my first band of the day, Holy Esque. This is particularly significant since I’ve been trying to see this Scottish band since they made my SXSW wish list a year ago. But more on that later. After catching a bit of Tumbleweed Wanderers, I ventured to The Aussie BBQ to have my second breakfast (or perhaps first lunch?) and sample a bit of Lime Cordiale and Money For Rope, both of whom get solid recommendations. I hope to catch full sets soon!

Lime Cordiale   Money For Rope

Then it was off to see the final set from one of my “bands of SXSW 2014”, the dynamic and very talented, John Flanagan. After that, it was time for my third meal of the day (w/in four hours mind you) which consisted of the famous and most delicious BBQ from The Salt Lick thanks to the Red Bull Sounds Select Media lunch.

John Flanagan    P1520019

From there it was a flurry of band sampling on the west side of town. Desert Noises, Andrew Belle (a surprise act), Katie Herzig, and my third round of Parade of Lights all at Live Vibe’s Party In My Pants at Woodrow’s. Also spent some time at one of my favorite events, Quantum Collective’s outdoor party on the rooftop of Whole Foods where I saw Wakey!Wakey!, We Were Promised Jetpacks, and a new project from Keaton Simons called Keaton Simons & Deantoni Parks’ Best Revenge. Pop in a little Jake Bugg at Waterloo and I’d say I had a very productive afternoon of music. Another highlight was running into the guys of Neulore. They were a band I really wanted to see, but I just couldn’t seem to make it happen. I’ve got one more shot tomorrow, but they aren’t playing in walking distance of the hotel, so it would require some real luck of the SXSW.

By evening time, I had yet to press pause so I was a bit out of it.  Fortunately my band choices were fairly easy, there were no lines, and I pretty much avoided the big crowds. This evening brought some of my greatest thrills of the week. Firstly, I was finally able to catch Holy Esque (!). Secondly, I fell completely in love with Swedish band We Met Tomorrow. Thirdly, I partook in a Silent Comedy dance party. Doesn’t get much better…

I took one last walk down 6th Street, stopping briefly to sample one of my wish list bands, July Talk, and that was it.


Sorry the recap wasn’t more compelling, but this girl needs to get to bed. There’s a trip to Magnolia’s on the docket for tomorrow and then we’ll start the music detox with just a small party or two. Top musical options include sets from The Foreign Resort, Wild Party, and, fingers crossed, Neulore.

If you want to sum up my experience at SXSW, it’s go a bit like this:

I love SXSW
I love my friends
I love music.


~ Kristen