New Music Tuesday 1/27/15 f. The Lone Bellow

unnamedIf you’re looking for new music on this fine Tuesday, head directly to your music outlet of choice and pick up The Lone Bellow’s new album, Then Came The Morning. This second album from the folk-indie trio from Brooklyn really hits the musical spot. This band won me over when I saw them perform at The Way Over Yonder Fest and this album does an amazing job at capturing the band’s incredible energy and genuine emotion. The album’s title and opening track sets the tone with its gospel-esque choir and powerful blending of vocals. Other highlights include the build-up to the exclamatory chorus in “Take My Love”, the quiet beauty of “Call to War”, and the rockin’ guitar in the foot-stoppin’ “Heaven Don’t Call Me Home”.

Here’s a taste with the band’s live performance from Letterman:

~ Kristen