My Goodness at The Satellite 1/29/15

P1570741This Seattle trio created a storm at The Satellite Thursday night. As a fan of their album, Shiver + Shake, I was expecting a good rock show, but I was not quite expecting the machine that plowed through song after song with such intense ferocity and impressive display of musicianship. Barely any talking was done throughout the set. The band let the music speak for itself. Singer/guitarist, Joel Schneider, standing off to the side, evoked a bit of a Cold War Kids vibe, taking the mood from quiet to banging with the perfect punctuation of howls and growls. Bassist, Cody Votolato, epitomized the rocker vibe. At one point during the set, he accidently knocked over a cymbal from the drum set, but instead of backing away he embraced the momentum, disrupting the kit further adding emphasis to an already hard hitting song.  Holding it all down center stage was drummer, Andy Lum, a beast in human form driving the beats with a precision and strength that made it hard to look away. I must say, it is always a treat when a drummer is more visible on the stage.

P1570737 (2)   P1570770 (2)

What is most impressive to me about this band is their ability to create “moments”. Tonal shifts mid-song, mini-instrumental solos, and catchy rifts are trademarks of any My Goodness song, giving them movement and making them memorable. It is impossible to get bored at a My Goodness show. See them live and suddenly the band’s name makes perfect sense. My Goodness indeed!

Here’s the first My Goodness song I heard and still one of my favorites:


~ Kristen